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  1. Is there a Pc section on here? what is this worth?
  2. the stats are 0/35/0/0/35
  3. I honestly kind of agree with him im just gonna sell it
  4. I need alot of RA stuff so any of it is pretty good bet. this Auction will go until the 5th of November to the highest bidder or if I'm not happy I'm just gonna keep it. Stats are 0/35/0/0/35
  5. Looking for one with dark
  6. Im looking for either 20 pds or a Ultima reaper with decent stats
  7. Forest of sorrow is def the best. If you do it right it is almost 100% torrs
  8. Were there more rare monsters during the triforce event? Im hunting torrs and I cant find a single one
  9. Stats dont matter on the hp I do care about the stats on the Excal though. Just want one with decent dark
  10. Do you have a agito 1975?
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