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  1. I will also take a Dark Flow for 50 DTs lol I think anyone here would.
  2. Nobody here really does meseta trades and if they did, they certainly wouldn't be for that low. Though I do have a Mark 3 kit I'd just give you. PM me and I'll get it to you.
  3. I'd like to buy this but I can't DM you Angry Fist [65/0/0/45|45] 10 PDs
  4. B> a nice Kaladbolg with hit

  5. Bump. Added some stuff
  6. Buying or trading for a SJS or TJS

  7. Register for the game at this link. https://www.phantasystaronline.net/forum/index.php?/registration/
  8. T> Psycho Raven 100/100/0/100 for decent spec SJS/TJS

  9. You were insulting people though. You said people who pay those prices have serious issues. Feel free to walk it back if you want but the receipts are right there for everyone to see.
  10. I mean, I play another old game and just yesterday was offered hundreds of dollars for a rune that I got yesterday. If you don't want to pay it, that's fine, but to insult the community for no other reason that you're butthurt over something you can't afford, you're not gonna change any hearts or minds around here. Pissing off the biggest community in a "dead game" probably isn't the smartest or best route. You might want to rethink your approach here.
  11. Skyly - EP4 - Merissa AA - Galatine Skyly - EP4 - Goran Detonator - Green Ring Ultimate btw
  12. Added min stat Red Ring
  13. Hope you all have a fantastic day.

    1. TheGrimReaper1720


      how much you want for it?


  14. Aesthetics? Yamigarasu all day. Shame that it actively hurts you to use it.
  15. For fun? I like a Flowen's Sword with Charge added. That's always a good time. If I'm actually trying to kill something, probably Psycho Ravens.
  16. LF> Someone to make me a Two Kamui. I have all the stuff.

  17. S> Psycho Raven 100/100/0/100

  18. Bump Edited. Adding more soon
  19. Yes, I'd like to buy your finest nothing that you have for sale. DM your price. Thank you. 😊
  20. Read again, friendo. I didn't ask for a price. I don't even want anything from this store. Ricardo did that, not me. I'm just pointing out what should be obvious.
  21. People are allowed to out compete you or out bid you. Just because you said you wanted something first doesn't mean anything.
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