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  1. B> Yasakani Magatama

    1. Lobotomy


      I can gift you one if u want. In game Ecclesia - Raye - Roze or send me a PM in order to meet at some time :D

  2. I've just returned after a 6 year hiatus and need some PDs and DTs so I'm selling some stuff. Not sure the prices of things since I've been gone a long time but I'm sure we can work something out. Message me if you see something you like. Psycho Raven +80 all 0s Sil Dragon Slayer +35 0/0/15/50|50 Galatine +9 25/0/25/0 Orotiagito 0/0/0/0|60 hit P-arms Blade +25 50 hit Double Cannon 0/0/35/0|35 Girasole +20 0/0/0/50 S-red's Blade +15 all 0s S-rank Double Blade +250 all 0s Zalure special Flowen's Sword 3084 +85 0/0/0/30|55 Flowen's Sword 3079 0/0/0/0|45 Charge special DB's Saber 3075 +85 0/40/0/30|50 Charge special Hundred Souls 40/0/0/40 Sange & Yasha +30 0/30/0/0|40 Jizai +40 0/40/70/0|50 Daylight Scar +25 0/10/0/0|30 Sword of Ultima +50 0/45/0/35 Meteor Cudgel +15 40/0/0/0|50 Black King Bar all 0s Lame D'Argent 0/30/25/0 Sword of Ultima +50 30/50/0/25 TypeDS/D Saber +125 all 0s Silence Claw 40/0/0/25|50 Durandal 0/40/0/0|40 Last Survivor 30/0/0/0|40 Last Survivor 0/0/25/0|40 Dragon Slayer 0/25/0/0|45 Hell Ripper 50/0/0/50|50 Brionac 0/25/0/35|40 Gae Bolg 50 hit Gae Bolg 45 hit Stag Cutlery 0/45/0/0|40 Agito 1975 0/0/0/40|45 Agito 1975 0/30/0/0|45 Sange 40 hit Yasha 0s Morning Glory 0/40/0/25|45 Demolition Comet +25 45/0/0/0|50 Demolition Comet +25 0/40/0/0|45 Genpei V101 Rati 5/145/50/0 (white) Power material ×17 Mind material ×11 Evade Material ×98 HP Material ×16 DEF Material ×54 Cell of Mag ×1 Parts of RoboChao ×1 Hildebear's Head ×1 Hildeblue's Head ×1 Grass Assassin's Arms ×2 Booma's Right Arm ×37 Gobooma's Right Arm ×7 Gigobooma's Right Arm ×4 Rappy's Wing ×3 Heart of Angel ×10 Heart of Devil ×6 Kit of Hamburger ×29 Panther's Spirit ×21 Kit of MARK3 ×3 Kit of MASTER SYSTEM ×10 Kit of GENESIS ×8 Kit of SEGA SATURN ×16 Kit of DREAMCAST ×15 Heart of KAPU KAPU ×1 AddSlot ×55 Pioneer Parts ×1 Heart of Morolian ×1 Rappy's Beak ×1 Ashura Mag Cell ×6 Will add more soon. This is just a preliminary list.
  3. Hot damn! Back again. This time for good.


    Anyone remember me? Used to play a lot in 2015-2016.

  4. After a 2 year hiatus, I'm making my return.


    Been busy with stuff IRL but still haven't forgotten my favorite game.

  5. Anyone I know still on here? :)

  6. I REALLY need to stop taking 6 month hiatuses xD

    1. MadOrNah


      try 9months instead?

    2. radezz


      just like Hunter x Hunter's Author...

  7. You seriously need to learn how to tek items. You've ruined so many, this list made me sad.
  8. I <3 mudkipz. Fek teh h8rz bruh. 

  9. B> Asuka any stats

    1. anthonyplays


      ive got one for a pd :3

  10. S> Dragon Slayer 0/25/0/0|45

    1. Jose Zapata

      Jose Zapata

      how much for it?

    2. ZenReborn


      Open to offers

    3. Jose Zapata

      Jose Zapata

      3 dts and 15 pds?

  11. ZenReborn


    I'll PM. I have a nice Jizai I might trade.
  12. Gonna make a list of things and PM you see some stuff I definitely want
  13. B> Samurai Armor


    Paying well.

  14. B> Bloody Art with decent hit and Samurai Armor

    S> Sil Dragon Slayer 0/0/15/50|50 and 65 hit Crimson Sword


  15. I've been gone awhile but I'm about to be back for good. Just built a new gaming PC and am upping my internet speed so I'll be in game soon. Can't wait to reconnect and play with some old friends and maybe make some new ones :)

    1. JanenbaDMS


      Welcome home.  The event that's on just now is pretty awesome :D

  16. Hi there. I'm the one you spoke to in game yesterday. Inbox me
  17. Usually anything from alt-rock to metalcore, or even heavier. Tool, Slipknot, Metallica, Avenged Sevenfold, Beartooth, Nothing More, Nine Inch Nails, Slayer, Johnny Cash, Motorhead, Charlie Daniels, Hank Sr. and Jr., Willie Nelson, Korn (old shit, new shit is garbage) and honestly anything that has a good "feel" to it.
  18. I was right, it is the Christmas event. Here's my post asking the same question.
  19. I believe they only drop certain times of the year during events, Christmas event if I recall correctly, might be wrong on the event though. No one I've seen ever really farms them during the event so I imagine finding a hit one is quite rare. I, myself, have one with 3 stats but it's hitless. Hit isn't really necessary on that sword, in my opinion, since it's special isn't that good (to me atleast). Easy to do pretty good damage with a N-H-H combo.
  20. The hit event was announced about a week and a half in advance and lasted 2 days. You had plenty of time to participate and plenty of notice. If you didn't get to do so that's no one's fault but your own.
  21. S> 160 PDs.

    Get at me bro

  22. Bump. The day has arrived, PM me offers. I don't want DTs. I do want weapons, units, armors, just PM me an offer.
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