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  1. When everyone dc's before a person person access point.... When you somehow die here?.... Love this boss location <3
  2. I loooooooove PSO too much. I had a life once upon a time, this is now PSO!!!

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. -Spuz-


      Haha. Its soo addictive. Im working on so much and have so much to do :P

    3. Angeldust


      I can't wait till I'm 50 and some bored but very intelligent old fan makes an HD remake of this game

    4. Jayroddd


      There was an HD re-skin if I recall correctly. Back in '09?

  3. Oh oh oh yes yes yes I did I did I did!!! I will be on in a few hours if anyone is online for cmooooooooooooooode :3 (will message when online)
  4. Ahh I never noticed your shoutbox post. Sorry Availability can be a pain as everyone has irl lives, and with the different time zones getting games can be annoying. But even if its just one stage a time then thats fine also. If your around any of the times I mentioned in my 1st post then I will be down for some games. I will post here when I log on everytime anyways and in the shoutbox so hopefully we can catch each other
  5. If anyone is up for any today I will be around
  6. Logging on now if anyone is online
  7. Does what take? C-mode? Challenge Mode is many stages with their own timeframes. Episode One has 9 stages which will last approximately 4-6 hours (Sub 7 for srank weapon) and Episode Two has 5 stages which will last approximately 3-4 hours (Sub 5 for srank weapon). This obviously depends on your parties size, class, skill & knowledge of cmode. You can do a stage at a time, the longest ones being around an hour at a slow time. And many shorter ones around 30 and below. As in 10pm-3am GMT? If so see you tomorrow
  8. Oh I guess I heard someone wrong. This Triforce event, I checked the thread but was still unsure what exactly is going on?
  9. Only just got home from work, it was insane. Finished two hours late. So I probably won't be able to log on tonight. But if not I will do my best for tomorrow to be on when I specified
  10. Sweet. See you tomorrow ;D
  11. I cannot seem to find the relevant information about the ongoing Halloween event. If someone could link me I could read into it, thanks. Yes I know it's a bit late but it's still ongoing right?
  12. Back to Ultima once again. This time going to be sticking around! If anyone would like to play some games I will always be up for playing. When free. I know how to complete/play challenge mode at a decent/pro moderate level. I am modest I know. Willing to play with anyone of any level and carry if necessary. I however humbly request that if you do not know anything that you listen to others and work as a team. I will be free Friday/Sat evening this weekend from around 11pm GMT - for a few hours. Below is my availability for the next week(s) so if anyone is interested in playing some games, feel free to post/pm and I will be running as many games as I can get. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- (I live in GMT fyi) Monday 20th- 11.30pm - Late. Tuesday 21st- 11.30pm - Late. Wednesday 22nd- Anytime. Thursday 23rd- 11.30pm - Late. Friday 24th- 11.30pm - Late. Saturday- 25th- Anytime. Sunday: -------------- Monday 27th- 11.30pm - Late. Tuesday 28th- Anytime. Wednesday 29th- Anytime. Thursday 30th- 6pm - 2am(ish) Friday 31st- 11.30pm - 2am(ish) Saturday 1st- 6pm - 2am(ish) Sunday 2nd: --------------------
  13. Had a break but alas no one can quit PSO. I am back to stick around this time!

    1. -Spuz-


      Long time Mate long time. How you been? :)

    2. -Spuz-


      I am pretty decent :). What did I say to you? lol.

    3. -Spuz-


      Lol, such bad advise to give a 12 year old. What an immature young man I was. I probably did not mean Cigarettes at the time too....But I kind of recall something along those lines. I hope in these 6 years you took that advise hahaha....... But not till your more recent years :P

  14. Thanks everyone. I think i am pretty much done now
  15. 1st Beer in 8 days. God it was amazing!