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  1. B> Adept and Red Ring

  2. If I began working on a new mag with the character, would that interfere with reclaiming my old mag?
  3. Yes, the 20 minutes are from when I was logged on earlier. I've been mostly playing as another character because of the recent exp bonus, so I'm not exactly sure how long the mag has been missing on that character.
  4. Guildcard: 42172726 Slot: 2 Date/Time: 10/18/2016 - 07:03 UTC (3:03 EST) Description: The mag that I had equipped for this character is missing. Comments: The mag was a pink Kama with stats along the line of 15/169/16/0. I checked the banks of my other characters and the common bank and it's not there.
  5. B> Chromatic Orb

  6.  B> Ultima Reaper

    1. Onelyfe Veryown

      Onelyfe Veryown

      i have one for sale with out hit% but has these stats 0/30/0/35

    2. Neosenshi


      That's alright. I have one now.

  7. B> Spread Needle

    1. Kush


      looking for one with hit or just any spread needle?

  8. It works! Thank you so much for the help.
  9. I just recently reinstalled the game after getting the patch loop. I tried running the Launcher as admin but that didn't work either.
  10. Hello. I've returned to the game after being away for two or three weeks and now, I can't log in because I'm stuck in a patch loop. Whenever I press Start Game, it'll patch the same two files every time; bm_ene_re7_berura_a.bml and map_labo_off_j.bin It'll occasionally patch zelda_wind.ogg. I've uninstalled and reinstalled Ultima, added the entire folder to the exclusion list of my antivirus, and also completely turned off my antivirus but still to no luck. Help would be graciously appreciated.
  11. B> S-Red's Blade

    1. HUngel


      hey, i got one but idk the price, offer

    2. Neosenshi


      I found one. Thanks anyway.

  12. I've recently donated but there's no mention of dts in the message. Do I proceed with adding GM to the message to get the item that I want or do I wait for a message mentioning my dts?
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