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  1. ok this has gone too far we need to stop everything AND FREAKING GIVE @Yannv a cookie for this master piece btw @Lipelis, @bobshlibidich @jdhenry124 @ogdark you guys made really good points, but i'm sorry @Yannv take the cake.. xD
  2. @Saber +7 (excuse my english i'm french so i don't know if you'll understand my point corectly) After two weeks of dedication, full commitment and discipline, this the result, a nice tap in the back. So we played on the test server just to train as hard as we could as a team, almost 24h hours in a span of two weeks, doesn't seems a lot, but i may remind you that people have job/life and so on, combine this with the fact that it is difficulty to be 4players online at the same time, for a long period of time, and you'll see the struggle we went through. Concerning the poll for the quest, i haven't much to say, but i'm more upset because 16people voted for the hardest choice like those quest are a cake walk. only one thing was really not smart from you is the 4p No-PB regardless the quest selected. Some people can't dedicate that much time to learn and have the skillset that allow them to complete CF/CCC/ROW, and you know it, but you made the rule clear on this point, so you exclude almost everyone from the event, and the addition of the 20PB at the start wouldn't change a thing. (we only used it for CCC) Now the event is over, and NO public news on you post, is this a joke? you should have been aware of who is working on the event, and if you didn't, why you didn't ask then? you could have cut short the event and not make us use our time on that, and use it on something else, like i don't know, maybe the SUMMER EVENT that was currently on! but now we are here, so is our only reward is tap on the back and "goodjob guys your times are goals for futur TA"? We played the game, we did the job, now we need answers.
  3. 5x Centurion/Battle 3-4x Serene swan
  4. would be nice but, i don't think it should be done, if scape dolls stack up to 99, it would be a bit overpowered to have people running around with invulnerability. if you want to reduce your amount of scape doll you can sell them in the shop for some meseta... ^^ maybe lowering the drop rate could be a solution, less scape doll in circulation could open a new way of farming item for pds ^^
  5. ok, you can close the topic, i found a "solution". i went in proprities, then compatibility and exceute this game for windows 7, and somehow it worked... i tried without the setting it worked too...
  6. Hello, so i had this problem yesterday, whenever i launch the game, it crashes after the "sega, sonic team" logo. No error pops up nothing, and the game files aren't in quarentine in some anti-virus software, it simply crash. I tried: -reboot my computer -uninstall/install the game -change setting -remove add-ons nothing really works. so if anyone have any solution, that would be great
  7. next time think before posting, do you really think it is that simple to implament any new weapon in the game?
  8. it already lost demon. it's already enough. just change the classes requierment. this weapon just need to be used by HUcaseal and FO. stop being focus on the RA classes and Hucasst dmg pool.
  9. imo, serene swan, should be restricted by classes, by that i mean, avaible jst for HUcaseal, and FO.
  10. Mysteries of the void does this very well
  11. 3Psy


    Yep its the same drop as last year
  12. 3Psy


    Master Raven on girtablulu ep4 ult skyly Kroe's sweater merissa A ep4 ult skyly Genpei pyro goran ep4 ult skyly Regular drop ep4 ult skyly: pazuzu and merissa AA
  13. "something will happen" is a bit blur, and if something had to happen it should already have. i don't want to appear ccringefull but make belra normal before "the thing" happen. I'll still add it to the list thank you for the reply
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