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  1. Asteron Belt Redria - EP4 - Ultimate - del rappy - crater interior
  2. Sonic team armor - Shambertin - skyly - episode 4 - Ultimate btw i'm pretty sure STA is all ID
  3. i wanted to put purplenum xD Asteron Striker - Goran Detonator - Purplenum - Ultimate - EP4
  4. Asteron Striker - Goran Detonator - Yellowboze - Ultimate - EP4
  5. lol i really like to know a bit more on each but the only one operational i have atm is a fonewearl. still my main problem is the shortcut bar xD mine is a mess
  6. ok ok i want to be your secret santa so for the list : -Snow queen -the devil's tail mag 1/174/25/0 -1ps -sjs -stealth sword -yask9m demon with hit -a tutorial on how the hell you guys play force! (this one is my most wanted)
  7. too much thrill we have to to do it again 😛 playing for sphere's realy make it frightening
  8. from now on the new name is Ragol Roulette, thanks C01D1 for the new name!
  9. for now just let it be a game between 2 players, if the game is accepted by the comunity, we can make some public play streamed on twitch and all :p.
  10. pure luck, indeed. i've run some test, the monofluid usually drop aroud the 3rd room. so games shouldn't be long. want to try one game? 😛
  11. oh i forgot about shared drop style x)
  12. Ragol Roulette I want to introduce you to a "new game" rules are easy and simple to understand it's a 2 players based game. the goal is simple: don't drop monofluid. But this game has some easy to learn rules: -The maker has to be in shared drop. -The game has to be made in ep1. -The game mode has to be normal. -The game take place in forest 1. -Having at least one TP user is requiered (i think with only cast it lower the chance, but need confirmation on that one) -You will kill only one monster and let your opponent kill one, before killing anoth
  13. i read this topic this topic in the afternoon, and i think i know a very efficient way to guide new comer, someone need to make you tube video compiling everything, i'm sure it's a good way to spread knowledge very fast. like how to make a game (i'm sure you all have seen someone asking you that), how to set the "1 to 0" shortcut bar, explane how to tekker a weapon, what % is, what is DAR, and what is DMC. for us, veteran these thing are just common sense, but for the new out here it's very hard to understand. i also think that we need to make a guide for EP2 ult. because the difficulty c
  14. ok this has gone too far we need to stop everything AND FREAKING GIVE @Yannv a cookie for this master piece btw @Lipelis, @bobshlibidich @jdhenry124 @ogdark you guys made really good points, but i'm sorry @Yannv take the cake.. xD
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