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  1. Recently rejoined so I don’t what changed and it’s probably a stupid question to ask but will you all ever add a offline mode? I’m usually away for work but I take my gaming laptop with me, sometimes I can’t get an internet connection and it’d be cool to play a little offline mode until I can reconnect, you probably won’t add because of hackers but I just thought I’d ask.
  2. MicaRod

    PROcuring YOU!

    Still open to new members?
  3. Does anybody know if they turned on PGF drops year round you know, with that whole debate going on and stuff?
  4. Sorry guys, just checking in! In the middle of vacation right now, I'll be back on sometime next week!

  5. Anybody want to help me hunt for a Spread Needle?

  6. What does the dragons claw go for?
  7. Selling 1 DT for 5 PD's comment or PM me!

  8. S,T>Master Sword PM for info!

  9. S,T>Master Sword 18 DT's OBO Or 108 PD's OBO Comment or PM me.
  10. B>From the Depths! PM me!

  11. From the depths how much?
  12. MicaRod

    S> FO Gear

    You wouldn't happen to have the Hylian Shield still would you...?
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