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  1. Thank you so much for reading and responding. I did reflect from all of the commotion that went down last week. I will be cautious from now on, and I really want to apologize greatly once again to you because despite me barely knowing you, it was really uncool of me to going that far in that lack of self control with the impulsive comments. By the way, I legitimately never changed my IP address, I used an alternate browser. (Firefox) I don't want to be dishonest about anything.
  2. So, obvious you already know who this is despite my sad attempt of starting anew. I would like to seriously regret my choices since the start of my offensive regime. I have no limit to what I say and I was always at fault for it, definitely well-aware as I'd be after the fact. I don't like being a terrible hindrance to people and that's what I initially thought that it was the cause of my childish and distasteful way of handling the situation. However, there is no excuse for it, regardless. I'm not someone who wants to be mean. I don't express intention other than what I actually DO
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