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  1. When everyone dc's before a person person access point.... When you somehow die here?.... Love this boss location <3
  2. I loooooooove PSO too much. I had a life once upon a time, this is now PSO!!!

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    2. -Spuz-


      Haha. Its soo addictive. Im working on so much and have so much to do :P

    3. Angeldust


      I can't wait till I'm 50 and some bored but very intelligent old fan makes an HD remake of this game

    4. Jayroddd


      There was an HD re-skin if I recall correctly. Back in '09?

  3. Oh oh oh yes yes yes I did I did I did!!! I will be on in a few hours if anyone is online for cmooooooooooooooode :3 (will message when online)
  4. Ahh I never noticed your shoutbox post. Sorry Availability can be a pain as everyone has irl lives, and with the different time zones getting games can be annoying. But even if its just one stage a time then thats fine also. If your around any of the times I mentioned in my 1st post then I will be down for some games. I will post here when I log on everytime anyways and in the shoutbox so hopefully we can catch each other
  5. If anyone is up for any today I will be around
  6. Logging on now if anyone is online
  7. Does what take? C-mode? Challenge Mode is many stages with their own timeframes. Episode One has 9 stages which will last approximately 4-6 hours (Sub 7 for srank weapon) and Episode Two has 5 stages which will last approximately 3-4 hours (Sub 5 for srank weapon). This obviously depends on your parties size, class, skill & knowledge of cmode. You can do a stage at a time, the longest ones being around an hour at a slow time. And many shorter ones around 30 and below. As in 10pm-3am GMT? If so see you tomorrow
  8. Oh I guess I heard someone wrong. This Triforce event, I checked the thread but was still unsure what exactly is going on?
  9. Only just got home from work, it was insane. Finished two hours late. So I probably won't be able to log on tonight. But if not I will do my best for tomorrow to be on when I specified
  10. I cannot seem to find the relevant information about the ongoing Halloween event. If someone could link me I could read into it, thanks. Yes I know it's a bit late but it's still ongoing right?
  11. Back to Ultima once again. This time going to be sticking around! If anyone would like to play some games I will always be up for playing. When free. I know how to complete/play challenge mode at a decent/pro moderate level. I am modest I know. Willing to play with anyone of any level and carry if necessary. I however humbly request that if you do not know anything that you listen to others and work as a team. I will be free Friday/Sat evening this weekend from around 11pm GMT - for a few hours. Below is my availability for the next week(s) so if anyone is interested in playing some games, feel free to post/pm and I will be running as many games as I can get. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- (I live in GMT fyi) Monday 20th- 11.30pm - Late. Tuesday 21st- 11.30pm - Late. Wednesday 22nd- Anytime. Thursday 23rd- 11.30pm - Late. Friday 24th- 11.30pm - Late. Saturday- 25th- Anytime. Sunday: -------------- Monday 27th- 11.30pm - Late. Tuesday 28th- Anytime. Wednesday 29th- Anytime. Thursday 30th- 6pm - 2am(ish) Friday 31st- 11.30pm - 2am(ish) Saturday 1st- 6pm - 2am(ish) Sunday 2nd: --------------------
  12. Had a break but alas no one can quit PSO. I am back to stick around this time!

    1. -Spuz-


      Long time Mate long time. How you been? :)

    2. -Spuz-


      I am pretty decent :). What did I say to you? lol.

    3. -Spuz-


      Lol, such bad advise to give a 12 year old. What an immature young man I was. I probably did not mean Cigarettes at the time too....But I kind of recall something along those lines. I hope in these 6 years you took that advise hahaha....... But not till your more recent years :P

  13. Thanks everyone. I think i am pretty much done now
  14. 1st Beer in 8 days. God it was amazing!

  15. Heard alot about this topic/event and definatly something I look forward to utilizing. How long will this be available? Also is their a list of all the items with no special? Can't wait to take advantage of this :3
  16. Shops sells them all. Just certain ones are more likely to show up for certain levels etc.
  17. Alright. For now anyways I am using lower substitutes of this list (what I can find hunt etc), Until I can either afford or find these. It's just a list to be obtained. I will have to add the Ultima items to the list Well, I will look into several frames for HU/RA as their are a few frames that do different things other than dfp/eva. What lvl Requirement is Wed Dress? ::3
  18. I meant what stats does wedding dress boost? Like does it effect ata or anything in the same ways as rr? What are the new Wedding Dress Stats. Alright, I thought I saw Mios mini-event, Not sure how long that will last though and how long it will take before I can afford this kinda thing but hey, I will defo keep that in mind. Ahh STA lmao. Oh, Kroes is female only. Oh well. Also I edited a few other questions into that post which either you missed or I edited after your post. If you know anything about them also :3 Thanks for the info so far Squish :3 Also I edited my last post to have my 'list' previous to this thread. Would you mind taking a peek just to see if there is anything unobtainable on this server etc ?
  19. Thanks for that Squish. Though I wasn't expecting/needing a complete detailed post. Much appreciated. From what i gather it's pretty much the same as what I already have listed as my wants/planned to use. Just there is few things I am unsure about from your post. (Mainly Ultima server items). Wedding Dress: Boosted Stats? Red Ring: The level requirement on this server is ?? Psycho Raven: Stats/Special? Psycho Bridge: Boosts? Hymlan Shield: Boosts? Ultima Reaper: Stats? Master Sword: Stats? Arrest Needle: This is a new needle I hear about and not an srank? Yas Series: I am not quite sure what you mean by all these Yas with specials. I did find a thread which allowed you to swap no special weapons with PDs and such and add a special, is this what you are talking about?? STD: This means? (Yes I know what it means irl, funny) Also not mentioned in your post but.... what's the stats on Kroe's Sweater? For FOnewm nuking is there not an Ignition cloak to boost foie type damage? (Plus the other cloaks) No three seals? And also would it not be more wise to make Zalure Rifle instead of Gun for RAcast (since it's mainly for solo bosses, and rifle is more range) Fonewm has no support tech boost indeed but it has GI/RA edit: This is my list I have made myself before making this thread: Any other opinions would be appreciated
  20. I am not asking to be geared. I am asking what peoples opinions are on what the best gear for each class is,... I can gear myself up...
  21. There is a common and character bank. You have to use the function: /bank to change it. ---- My Ideas: Sun Atomizer: It's basically a sol atomizer but it works like a Star. Inventory increased to 40. :3
  22. Thanks for the event. Iv'e had fun coming across to the server and playing in this event
  23. There is no beer like the beer your drinking right now.- Spuz
  24. Knowing the drops is always beneficial but on an event? Surely this would ruin the aspect of discovery.
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