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  1. my /matcount shows i'm missing the 22 evade. and somehow i have 20 luck not 18 as i had before. now: before:
  2. Guildcard: 42098250. Slot: 1 Level: 153 (this is already fixed) Materials ATP: 64 MST: 46 EVP: 22 DFP: 0 LCK: 0 HP: 0 TP:0
  3. I'd like to just return all the stuff i've borrowed. thx for letting me use it!
  4. B-i-n-g-o, and Bingo was his name-o.
  5. to make a long complicated explanation shorter, it's because of the: 1.donation system. 2.awesome people i met here.
  6. My favorite classic is final fantasy tactics. I spent many hours on that old game.
  7. All time favorite console? the playstation one, because it had final fantasy tactics.
  8. Donated for some stuff to help out my lvl 35 ramarl.
  9. I'd like to borrow the dark meteor and that dreamcast mag lvl 131 if its possible. Maybe the snow queen too? xD i can return the hylian sheild if neccesary.
  10. the roberto guy was joining rooms like mag feeds with low lvl players who know nada about uber items. why ban them? XD one person on my team asked in chat about what STA was, becauese somone left it on the ground. i told them just leave it and let it get deleted.
  11. Donated. Looking forward to trying my new stuff out.
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