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  2. I feel like you're not really listening to me. To clarify - I want the L&K unlocked, as it's a super cool weapon. However, it also needs to be unlocked in a reasonable way that doesn't make it the be-all and end-all of weapons on the server. There's enough of a problem balancing twelve bullets from the Serene Swan - L&K does fifteen. Giving it to RAcaseal and HUcaseal is a medium position on the topic, and even then, it could be overpowered for HUcassy. You mention diversity in weapons, and that's kinda what this topic is about. As Lipelis posted on the front page, if SS becomes the best weapon, then HUcast+SS > Anything else with SS. There would be zero diversity.
  3. I would love to see you say that after doing the new quest Tower of Dreams or many other quests under those same circumstances for that matter. In PSO there is always 1 weapon that utterly destroys a monster the most. So what that L&K38 Combat does that when played on a max stated HUcast with a 4-way PB buff against Falz? Other weapons come close to destroying Falz under those same circumstances. Many weapons wreck havoc with 4-way PB buff. The fact L&K38 Combat does that the most on Falz shouldn't be the reason it stays combo locked in these days. Take that same character and L&K38 Combat to many other quests, and you'll quickly notice your statement holds no weight aside from Falz. Being mad that a specific situation with L&K38 Combat is overkill towards a specific monster should make people mad that Demon Yas9k makes Tower ezpz. Diversity is good, but y'all seem so opposed to that idea for some reason. I like having the option to choose another weapon, and still be able to do a good job.
  4. Another idea would be to reduce speed and combo lock the weapon. To clarify, something is gonna be done to the weapon.
  5. For my 2 cents, I disagree with removing the Rifle Range because Hunters need something to keep up w/ the meri spit happy control tower quests. It’s either that or make a unit to negate unresisted ohko attacks. Rangers still have the advantage ignoring distance penalties to accuracy so both Hunters and Forces still need Smartlink to get the most out of SS.
  6. Hey Larva whilst we're on the topic, would you consider the idea itself? I did a picture too.
  7. Have you actually tested it out yourself, on a max level HUcast? I have. It's ridiculous. It cuts through things like they're made of wet tissue paper. Literally nothing is a challenge, because literally nothing gets the chance to shoot back. Do you know what I did? Lemme quote it - I took a long time testing and considering how best to get the weapon added to the game in an unlocked fashion that wouldn't have the community pissed off like it currently is over the Swan. You class lock it, you nerf it, you make it difficult to get, then maybe it can be added and made a part of someone's usual toolkit, instead of being the single weapon that everyone would use.
  8. Today
  9. "max stat hucast and combo unlocked 38 (with 4 way pb buffs) can one combo 3rd form falz to death" is a very bad argument for keeping L&K38 Combat combo locked. It may have been a good idea at the time whenever that took place, but we're nearly in 2020. Some new gear, quests, and difficulties have released since then leaving all the wack gear in the item data-base that nobody ever uses. Right now there are a bunch of weapons that could do lethal damage to Falz final form with (4 way buff) just like L&K38 Combat. That's just a silly reason to keep L&K38 Combat combo locked. It doesn't matter how many times you share what Saith said about L&K38 Combat. It's not valid anymore.
  10. I mean, if we're quoting Saith, we should quote him directly. @Emewn @griffeni I've spoken to him a lot on the topic.
  11. That "max stat hucast and combo unlocked 38 (with 4 way pb buffs) can one combo 3rd form falz to death" argument is quite silly. Just because you tagged Saith doesn't give your statement any weight whatsoever. Please don't @ me again in the middle of all this drama. It's enough people love to try to pick on me, because I'm me.
  12. how to make hucast the most broken class on the server in one easy step, im not hating be tbqh i want that really badly but i know it was unlocked at one point here and was locked because a max stat hucast and combo unlocked 38 with 4 way pb buffs can one combo 3rd form falz to death (yes i mean hitting the hard attack button only all of 3 times to make one combo) atleast thats what ive heard from imho the most reliable source of ultima info @Fyrewolf5
  13. Español por favor El usuario postio en español.
  14. RIfle Range isn't really the problem. I think many are upset with the class-restrictions(or lack there of). Rifle range when used on the proper weapons isn't really game breaking at all. It's when it's coupled with something like a mechgun with demons or something like that is when it's considered OP.
  15. here we are giving ideas of what to do or what not but this is more like a telenovela so maybe its time to close this No lock. - Larva
  16. I posted what I posted because basically the post that I quote says the not matter what everyone says I get to do what I want. When is completely wrong and pisted me off that instance of reading the part of " I suggest". I'm making a damn suggestion because it's not only up to me to make a change. So pretty much the post that I quote is a completely Lie of what it happens and people keep believing this bullshit. And to be honest it would be way easier if I do what I believe with out permission 😡. The item is a mixture of input from members of the staff the only thing I did was go put the stats the staff said. Only thing I suggest was to remove FO and didn't happen. And who was the kid who said that I don't give a F about anything? The one who had his post hiding... That I already unhide. Let me tell you something if I wouldn't care I would even be here at all. I wouldn't even bother on reading the suggestions of this topic. I wouldn't even care to have a discussion to try to solve this in a civil way. Yeah I'm the kind of the person who when get piss start cursing. So stop making stupid unecessary comments that don't give any suggestion at all. @mudkipzjm Again IILL SUGGEST TO REMOVE RIFLE RANGE and also to make some class base selection. It don't matter if that didn't happen before or other items don't... Bla bla bla we can keep with the compare all year long. But I we are taking about this weapon SS . I think THIS weapon should have this changes regardless other items/game mods or whatever.
  17. Muddy never has a problem defending himself. He was just asleep lol Starch you need to cool it.
  18. Speaking of hypocrisy it’s funny how @Noob Saibot had such a strong opinion on how @mish posted a topic about me and me not doing it myself yet here he is posting in mudkipz’s name instead of letting @mudkipzjm do it himself . Looks to me like someone needs to do some self reflecting. hypocrite
  19. Its called having peoples back, instead of stabbing people in the back. I would not expect you to understand.
  20. I love this place. Ultima you are my home for entertainment :)

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      @JanenbaDMSyou are dearly missed. Too bad you had to leave for the even more broken server lol

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      I guess you could say it was my destiny to leave >_>

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      Good times man.

  21. I love my dad

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      I love your dad

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      I love that @eden loves your dad

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  22. hey i love the ultima psobb forum it's fair and nothing ever goes wrong here
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