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  2. Holiday Battle Tournament

    I lost
  3. Holiday Battle Tournament

    Well played
  4. Yesterday
  5. S>anti dark ring 50pds,  chromatic orb 70pds, halo Rappy souls 10pds. Pm me if interested

  6. Optimal Gear for the 3 Classes

    Ahh thank's alot
  7. Optimal Gear for the 3 Classes

    Olga Flow drops it during the Easter event.
  8. Optimal Gear for the 3 Classes

    Can anyone tell me how to obtain The Samurai Armor on Ultima? I have seen a few different things floating around and with the changes sometimes made to these private servers i can never really get a direct answer when searching. Just don't want to do all the work for nothing. If anyone could tell me that would be greatly appreciated.
  9. I feel like Quasar Star should also be noted for having the 2nd best Rafoie boost in the game (to Psycho Bridge) along with its Gizonde/Barta boosts. Probably not "absolute end gear" material for FO nuking, but definitely a great cheaper alternative for doing so with a somewhat minor 20% difference!
  10. Optimal Gear for the 3 Classes

    I excluded stuff like Siren Glass and Kiss of Death since those are very optional. I don't think anyone really uses Gibarta, and Sacred Bow takes care of the ranged hell.
  11. 10 Anniversary Ultima

    eh sounds pretty dang fair to me
  12. 10 Anniversary Ultima

    thats kinda BS , just saying , But i guess thanks for letting me know so i dont waste 20dts
  13. 10 Anniversary Ultima

    Just to make an official post about it: Any special on Sword of Ultima will be lost when combined with Psycho Black Crystal It is possible to add a special to Ten Years Blades for 10 DTs with a Game Master.
  14. Suggestion for new weapon/item combination: Baranz Launcher + [insert item] to Baranz Launcher V2.0 or whatever creative name. Same stats and special and all that, just faster projectile speed.
  15. Optimal Gear for the 3 Classes

    Everyone should have a Black Ring for TTF. Charge Arms and Baranz Launcher for RAcast. Morolian Blaster has more ATA than ARG. I don’t know how you forgot Excalibur off this list
  16. Holiday Battle Tournament

    @Yasuo pm when you ready
  17. Many weapons could be added for Hunters and Rangers but it depends a lot on people preferences, it may be too much to write them so I'll just add some gear for Forces Feel free to do it like the following: For Force Teching you can add: Lindcray (resta anti, as Parasols require ATP rather than MST) or Marina's Bag (for females) Quasar Staff (barta gizonde) Siren Glass Hammer (gibarta) Samurai Armor (rafoie rabarta razonde) Godric's Cloak (Fomar gifoie gibarta rabarta) Mother Garb+ (grants) Ignition Cloak (foie gifoie rafoie) V801 Virus Shield: Vol Opt (gifoie gibarta gizonde) Rabarta Merge (rabarta) For Force Melee: Kiss of Death (ranged hell with SN trick) Ultima Reaper (close range hell) Hundred Souls Fury of the Beast (although I suppose it may now be replaced by charge Ten Years Blades) Rambling May Sacred Bow (good for both DPS and hell) Remove Striker of Chao as they should use Parasols instead (additional Resta)
  18.  B > Nakas


  19. Force Rambling May / Sacred Bow? Rambling more for Fomarl especially if using Safety Heart. Very nice list and handy :-)
  20. Optimal Gear for the 3 Classes

    Good list. Very condensed. I like it.
  21. Has a narrow niche for sham/kondy, bout it. Only reason I mentioned water gun was for the extended range
  22. Optimal Gear for the 3 Classes

    I don’t think SoV is an optimal weapon in any run on any class. Charge Supressed Gun is definitely better than crg though. Water Gun is worse.
  23. Let's talk about the new Fausts

    Not directed specifically at Liarus, but can we stop beating around the bush. Destiny was able to implement these items. Ultima was not. Now if one of you want to go and convince Destiny's devs to tell us how they did it, we might do it too. The argument that they did it so we should be able to do it is not a solid one. Just because Usain Bolt can run 100 meters in sub 10 seconds doesn't mean everyone can. So can we stop using it? It's just rude.
  24. Holiday Battle Tournament

    No results, yet. We missed one another, yet again.
  25. Holiday Battle Tournament

    Just waiting on @C01D1 and @ipolyr results. Here's the bracket.
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