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  3. yo you online?

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    2. H2k


      still have the garb for sale?

    3. Saber +7
    4. H2k


      ok i made room name saber pw 11

  4. HAPPY BIRTHDAY :cr-happy-birthday:

  5. Ultima's Time Attack Records

    3'56 remaining CCC PB 4p @Saber +7 RAcast @HUNTER_ HUcast @R-78 RAcast Gilgamesh RAmar
  6. Maximum Attack S (Episode I) - Multimode Solo - No PB - Insetick (RAcast) Remaining Time: 15'57 Maximum Attack S (Episode I) - Multimode Solo - PB - Insetick (RAcast) Remaining Time: 16'29
  7. Last week
  8. https://www.twitch.tv/dutchride 


    I'm back! (even though I never really went anywhere lol)

  9. Happy Hours Alert!

    One Hour of HH. 45 minutes left
  10. Never argue with an idiot, he will lower you to his level and there he will gain you from experience

  11. Nothing too special but thought it's kinda neat.
  12. Oy when you get anthem tell me how it is

    1. Starlord


      Yeah I’ll let you know if I even get it. Some people at work are getting it when it comes out tonight in about 2 hours. He plays console (ps4) but it shouldn’t be that much different playing wise than pc.

    2. ultrajerky
  13. Introduce Yourself

    Name : b0n3z5 age: 31 Contact: via pm I started playing when a neighbor had got EP1&2 for GC and was playing online. Sadly I could never convince my parents to let me get online. I played offline for 2 years and my friend helped me out with items before all the glitching. I had multiple lvl 100+ charters. One day a buddy of mine came over and shut down my gc in the middle of a save and I lost everything. 13-14 years later I started playing again via gc rom but never figured there would still be an online community. Just last week I found these servers and here I am now. I dont have as much time to play as I did back then but Im sure im going to have a lot of fun here.
  14. Xbox Controller

    Ive got this working for the most part. X and B are set for left and right action, for some reason they both do left action. Anybody else have this happen? If enough of us use joytokey with PSO, whats the chances of uploading the .cgf to the forum?
  15. B>ppp mags

    1. R-78


      I can sell you 7 :talk:

  16. S> photon spheres 12dts each or for 12 new year cards. Pm me if interested 

  17. bonjour

    thank you jezbuz .
  18. En los 6 años que llevo en este server he aprendido que los amigos no se buscan para matar el tiempo,si no para disfrutar con ellos <3 gracias a todos los que me conocen por su bella amistad. Y a los que no,se les quiere de gratis también <3 Pura vida,y chao.

  19. Xbox Controller

    I got it! It was my joystick! i just had to unplug it!
  20. Introduce Yourself

    Name : MecaZora Hashwalt Age : Android has no age, creator is 26 Preferred contact method : IG, Discord... you're lucky if I read your message there. Hobbies : Jugram <3 but creator prefers drawing, taking photos, cooking, Legend of Zelda and playing with me :3 Picture of creator (don't tell her ! ) : A little more about yourself : I'm a French Racaseal from NGC system. I like learning a lot and collecting some stuffs. I get married with Jugram this last February 14th and I want to eat everything in this planet :3 I like both of you, Pioneans ! <3
  21. Discord LATINO Phantasy Star Online BB

    Nunca dije que discriminaran,solo que la mayoría no sabe hablar ingles,ademas muchos que no hablan español se han unido de todas formas! Pura vida
  22. bonjour

    Amarantes are great! If you ever have another chance to visit Portugal, you should try the "Pastéis de Nata de Belém" or the "Travesseiros de Sintra". They are both an unique experience. Anyways welcome! Hope you enjoy the server and i look forward to do some games with you (Sorry to not reply in french, but my french is really limited ahah).
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