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I know it's probably not a great weapon, but I can't seem to find Durandal in the drop table - does it still drop/can you still get it from Government quests? Are there any other items that don't drop? Not played since the offical BB server and DC, just wondering what has changed!

Durandal is a box drop, and it should still be the prize for gov quest 5-5 on very hard for hunter and ranger. This server has done a number of changes including boosted exp (x3 up to lvl 160, x2 after), boosted rare monsters, buffed monsters in ultimate, some buffed weapons, some new added weapons, etc. There are also lots of minor, mini, and major events that happen often, right now there is the minor event of rare monsters (rare monsters x5), and things like x5 exp for all players and happy hours (x3 drops for 3 hours), and the major Summer Event is on which gives a lot of unique limited time drops from certain mobs. Mini events are fun little challenges and games which can be hosted by anyone, player or staff. There's a lot of stuff always going on.

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How much would event items like black crystal or soul booster cost right now? when I try and sell I'm offered really low then I see some players sell items for 10dts even 15dts... :onion113:

I would say soul booster is worth 10dts right now and pbc is worth 8-10dts. Whoever offered 15 is crazy lol. Must've been frustrated that they couldn't get the drop themselves.

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Soul booster should be less than PBC. It's alot easier to get and also, not as good as PR. I'd say around 45 pds for SB and around 70 pds for PBC or a blank PR.

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What items can a Purplenum hunt that would be worth the while?

Purplenum is a very solid id. Some guides even call it the best; although I don't think so myself, it's still a very good id.

Very Hard

v101 (Zu)

Ophelie Seize (Pazuzu)

Heavenly/Arms (Dorphon Eclair)

Attribute Wall (Gi Gue)

Swordsman Lore (Girtablulu)


Frozen Shooter (ep 1 Hildetorr)

Sacred Cloth (Al Rappy)

Psycho Wand (ep 1 Mil Lily)

Parts of Baranz (ep 1 Baranz)

Kasami Bracer (Canadine)

Yasminkov 9000 (Canane, ep 2 Crimson Assassin)

C-Bringers Arm (Chaos Bringers)

Spread Needle (ep 1 La Dimenian)

Guardianna (ep 1 Dimenian)

Mahu (Claw)

Yasminkov 2000 (ep 2 Hidoom)

Panzer Faust (ep 2 Baranz)

Attribute Wall (Meriltas aka Deku Baba)

Yasminkov 7000 (Sinow Zele)

Demonic Fork (ill gill)

Swordsman Lore (Astark, Girtablulu)

Photon Crystal (Satelite Lizard)

Rage de Feu (Zu)

Heavenly/Arms (Pazuzu)

Heaven Striker (Pyro Goran)

Slicer of Fanatic (Goran Detonator)

Clio (Kondrieu)

Probably a bunch of other random drops I'm forgetting, stuff too difficult to be worth using id but maybe you'll get in a run, normal/hard/vhard stuff, less useful but maybe ok stuff, stuff that every id gets, etc. Only id that can get yasminkov 9000 as a drop (not using ROCT). One of two ids(purple+green) that gets both Slicer of Fanatic and Heaven Punisher in sub desert. One of only two ids(purple+white) with a good psycho wand rate. L&K14 is its filler drop.

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