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Ideas to improve the server - feel free to post!

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That is a pretty solid idea. Though CTU is an option for obtaining most of the type weapons and that has a possibility of dropping high hit weapons

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 Cant see it being used on any thing else , kind of pointless the enemy dropping said item with desired 90 hit to make 100 hit idea is to hunt that enemy drop , not short cut with 9* 80 + weapons easier to hunt down.

Plus ctu RNG and the bone badge exchange would help swap the rng on weapons special given.

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The chance of either an orange weapon or the actual rare drop having that degree of hit is absurd. If anything it would only incentivize using it on weapons with 90+ hit. The redeem would not add hit either and would act as an added bonus to already hunting those types of weapons without having to solely rely on the specific drop while also not making it easy to obtain high hit weaponry. It boils down to adding opportunity for hunting and diversifying gear that players can use beyond the dark weapons and gives players something else to do outside of events. I'm certainly not saying that it only has to be high end gear that you can redeem for. Mainly weapons that can be used effectively with Ultima's tweaks to the enemies

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