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Best and Worst of Triforce Event

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Best is clearly Fire Rod, which larva describes as me having an orgasm for.  :onion108:

Second best is Bomb-Chu.  Two weapons in this event have model swaps thanks to orgodemir.  And they're awesome.

Worst?  No Zanbacon style drops (red boxes everywhere).

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13 minutes ago, Exotic said:

Worst: No 5x EXP

That usually comes a week or so when the event starts. Its like either Rare Monsters or 2x exp to begin with then both are activated during the last few weeks of an event. This is what I gathered from the past two event.


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I'm liking all the new weapons! Though I haven't tried them all to their full potential yet or all of them in their entirety. But the Great Fairy Sword is kicking ass on my Hucast and Boomerang is also really good too. I find to get the most out of these weapons, good %'s are a must!

Definitively waiting on til the Droprates + charts are released because with so many items scattered everywhere and plenty that I want. Sometimes its an dilemma to go for exploration on other levels and ID's and you find something good but at the same time, you could end up wasting your time. All part of the fun I suppose!

Shame its only for 3 weeks or so. I'm sure like most are having a bit of bad/dry luck... RNG gods must require prayer or sacrifice lol.

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3 hours ago, RedMel said:

Wouldn't know because nothing's really dropping for me, cuz I have bad luck and a bad ID. Oh well I guess.

All of the new items are available on all IDs.  Drop locations vary, but you can hunt all of the new items... once you know where to hunt.

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Worst skin : Sacred Bow
Best skin : Great Fairy Sword

Worst to use : Zelda Catching-Net (but still funny hehe)
Best to use : Fire Rod

Worst idea : zelda content
Best idea : bombchu

Special cookie point for the Power Glove  :st2::st2::st2::st2::st2: (not because it's awesome but because it goes in all the above category at once and still I like it)
Special mention for the Magic Hammer 
:st1::st1::st1::st1::st1: I can't wait to use this bad guy D:

Special pat in the back for the Gibbles, who do an excellent job all year around by being both ugly, manly, strong as hell, but easy to hunt.


And also thanks to the staff who made the new skins and the new items possible !

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Worst: These ugly ass heart containers replacing my noob/hp =(

Best: @serverus Loves me <3 lol

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oops -_-
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