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  1. blueful - gal griffin - episode 2 - POST
  2. samurai armor - olga flow - greenil
  3. why did i not skip the dialogue <.< this is tragic
  4. Gibarta works best with siren glass hammer and a gibarta merge.
  5. Vivi - green bird - Oran - episode 4 Love Beak - Zu - Oran - episode 4 Login - (think it was Satelite) - Oran - episode 4 Last Swan - Zu - Skyly - episode 4 Bamboo spear - (not sure) - skyly - episode 4 things were dying fast i didnt get full info but ill find out later 😃
  6. Love rappy, Crimson, Pinkal Rianov-2, Lily, Pinkal
  7. oh i was just gonna give it away lol i have way too many and i dont even feed mags lmao
  8. I have kits u can have just to have lol
  9. Selling Zalure Handgun 15DT
  10. is the mech guns zal or demon? lol
  11. Yes, i work 3 jobs and barely have time to be on much, most of the time when hunting pgf, i was also leaving my character on while i ran to run errands as well. Also i got 2 pgf while HH wasn't on lol
  12. yeah i wanted both but i didnt get another pgf before it ended because i had to work and everytime i had to leave for work HH turned on but was barely on when i wasnt doing anything lmao
  13. Hello, I am aware that psycho bridge is a really useful weapon but i want my Dark bridge back because i didn't know it would change the appearance of the weapon. so if anyone wants to trade me a pgf or a dark bridge for a psycho bridge then lmk plz n ty 😃
  14. we have 4 days left, keep hunting lol
  15. heyyy miss you bestie ❤️

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