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  1. The problem here is you're trying to apply RNG manipulations from standard turn-based RPGs to an online action RPG. Not only that, but PSO is a vastly different beast. There are probably so many memory values moving every frame that anything you do is meaningless assuming you even REMOTELY could manipulate RNG in PSO (without some sort of tools). You do something in one frame, but a whole bunch of other values move at the same time. It's completely impossible. Not only that, but you're trying to apply some sort of reaching logic to what's more or less a simple dice roll, or the throw of a dart at a dart board. This isn't a game where we could do all of these arbitrary actions, set the RNG up for manipulations, and then proceed down a list of actions to produce the desired outcome. If it's some superstition that makes YOU feel that much more lucky, then do it. Don't let anyone stop ya. To me it sounds like you just learned something you think is really neat, and you want to apply it to something you really like. Problem is, it doesn't work.
  2. Wouldn't know because nothing's really dropping for me, cuz I have bad luck and a bad ID. Oh well I guess.
  3. Yeah, I think that's exactly when it happened.
  4. I saw that and fixed my post. Apologies.
  5. Guildcard: 42167199 Character Slot: (N/A) Date/Time: 1:25 AM CST (approximately) So, I've been experiencing... something within the past two days. When I'm using the shop to sell junk and/or buy consumables, it'll kick me without warning, nor error, to the title screen. I haven't the faintest what's causing it, as there's no error that pops when it happens. Just before I made this post it happened to me three times within about 7 minutes. I'm not sure what other details I can give, as I'm not 100% certain it's related to the items I'm selling, as this has happened with different items.
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