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Ultima's Official Price Guide


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Last swan is only 0-5 pds, it drops in black paper deal 2 on normal and very hard. Epsiguard is probably incredibly rare, but not necessarily all that useful so idk what to price it at or who would even want to buy it. L&k38 kombat 45hit is pretty nice, even though it is combo locked that could go for a pretty penny with that much hit, maybe 40-60+ ish? depends on who wants to buy it i think, since it's value is more in novelty than actual usefulness.

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mats: pds:mats

mind 5:1 same pow and hp

def and evp are cheap

luck mats, no clue of the price

add slots are very cheap too like 4:1

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What is the pricing on materials and add slots? And what about non rare weapons with specials and hit% like a 50 hit hell raygun?

materials price will vary depending on whether rare monsters is on or not, but they can go for 5:1 or 10:1 usually for pow or hp with rares off/on, mind mats usually lean towards 10:1 more often since they are not as sought after as pow are, and def/evade mats are almost always cheap since very rarely used.

Luck mats however are kinda difficult to get, they can be a few pds each (1 dedicated hh of luck mat farming only gets about 20 of them on average, would easily get a several hundred pow/mind/hp mats in 3 hours with rare monsters and no hh on).

Addslots are easy to get too, ive never bothered to charge for them or seen them actually sold much, but id say similar value to mind mats, similar usefulness, demand, and kind of hunt (7/8 drop from easily farmed rare monster).

A nice non-rare weapon like a 50 hit hell raygun / 50hit arrest raygun / 50 hit charge vulcans / etc can go for a good 7-10 pds ish.

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It's hard to price something since hit/percents factor on it, you may use the price guide as a base and compare to the selling prices at the moment, in case of doubt ask several peoples. Old players are more likely to know how much things are worth.

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