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  1. I have finally been able to recover an old account I have not played in years. I know I had a few decent items like at least 2 Cent/abils on my hunter (Alsten) and items on my Ranger (Alice) and other items throughout. As of now I have three characters with literally nothing. no items in inventory at all. I have absolutely nothing in character bank, only a few items in the shared storage. Missing mags meseta weapons armor etc on all characters but the Hunter. Is there a possibility of restoring data from before all the items were missing without knowing when it happened? Like I mentioned I have not been able to log into the account for a number of years and the last time I played I remember playing as my Ranger and using a heaven punisher and having a decent Mag, definitely not a good mag... lol but a decent mag. Any assistance in this would be greatly appreciated.
  2. Hey so my account named Xenon and after not logging in for a few months any time I equip any item that effects my MST (MAG Included) it drops my MST to literally zero, I'm level 102 and my TP as a force user is 151 and I cant equip any MST dependant items, if I remove ALL MST effecting items my MST returns to the character's base MST, giving me about 900 TP VS 150 TP. Any Ideas? I Reinstalled PSOBB and I Tried using an alternative Account same issue but when I give my items to other players, their still able to use them fine with no loss or anything.
  3. Not sure what's going on, logged into the game for the first time in about a year or so, everything seems screwed up in terms of items. For instance monsters are dropped what appear to me as already identified Rare items. found 5 justy rifles off of monsters that don't even drop them. the armor vendors are selling really rare stuff, like god techniques, Divine protections, V501 etc... Weapons guy is selling rare weps too. I'm getting tons of red boxes, but they're clearly not the item they're supposed to be. Most of the bugged units I found give no stats at all. Also, the music is bugging out and going silent randomly and doesn't come back until I enter a new zone. not sure what's going on, would love some help though.
  4. Guildcard: 42090736 Character Slot: 1 Date: 2012-10-15, Time 5:06pm Mountain time zone (4:06 PDT) Description: tried to equip one of my noob hp's and i dced, i logged back in and i have lost one of my centurian powers, and my mag is gone as well.
  5. EN You just received an invite to spend a Summer in Ragol, with the condition you can only bring 5 items with you, what will they be? Best answer wins 15 dts ES Acabas de recibir una invitación para pasar un verano en Ragol, con la condición de que sólo puedes llevar 5 items con usted, que seran? La mejor respuesta gana 15 dts PT Acabas de receber um convite para passar um Verão em Ragol, com a condição de que apenas podes levar 5 items contigo, o que serão? A melhor resposta ganha 15 dts Deadline/Fecha tope/Data limite August 15/15 de agosto
  6. This is just a simple poll to see what percentage of the community cares about finding items in PSO. Please answer honestly.
  7. Guildcard: 42160604 Character Slot: 2 Date/Time: 3/1/2016 - : 09:23 AM UTD Description: Got on PSO like I normally do in the am left the game on all night had to re login and when I did I noticed a few things were missing out my inventory I acquired last night. Comments: The items were a phoenix claw and 20 pds I had got through some trading as of now these are the only things I am noticing. Notes: Guildcard -N/A. -N/A Character Slot -Character slot 2 -Character Bank -Character Person Date/Time -9:00 am server time apx Thanks, Anthony A. ​
  8. Okay so unlike some people who ask for impossible things and don't offer any ideas on how to implement them... most of the ideas I will offer I have personally implemented on my own local server and they took less than 10 minutes each to do so. Some are incredibly fun to play with. Weapons/Items Transmutation Stone (TS) - Use item for some of the items below... Bumstick - HU-only melee weapon, uses a rifle model but is a rod or partisan or something but only hits 1 target. No Special. Can use TS to turn into Boomstick. (doesnt need explanation.) Boomstick - HU-only melee weapon that explodes on impact and can hit up to 10 targets. Burning or Chaos Special. (just create a new bazooka weapon and change the range, targets, model, skin, and animation to that of a melee weapon, or modify a non-used bazooka like the ano bazooka or meteor rouge.) Psychogun - Twin Psychogun with TS used on it turns it into this handgun, it retains which characters it is usable by, gains an ATP and ATA boost and retains its special. The special is a great launcher alternative for HUmar and HUnewearl. (Duplicate Twin Psychogun and make it a handgun animation and whatnot.) Chained Gun - RA-only rifle that shoots slicer projectiles that bounce off of 4 enemies. Does not combo. No Special. (Create a new slicer and change the animation to a rifle and give it a rifle model. And combo lock it.) Chaingun - Use TS on Chained Gun for this stronger, combo-unlocked variant. Tempest or Chaos special. (Self explanatory.) Mindless Punch / or / Distracted Punch - either HU-only, FO-only, or fleshie-only weak fist type weapon, no special. (Nothing special here.) Mind Punch / or / Focus Punch - Use TS on Mindless Punch. Fist type weapon with mechgun range and hits 5+ enemies. Either Spirit, Geist, or Chaos special. (make a fist weapon and change the range and targets.) A Series of Tarot Cards for FO only, using TS on one changes it to the next and eventually back to the original, in the following order. The character will hold the card up and hit 5 enemies almost mechgun range in front of them. (Create a melee weapon that doesn't shoot projectiles, give it a card model and skin, and a handgun animation, make it have 75 range{mechguns have 85} and like 70 horizontal angle or whatever feels right, and hit 5 targets. {It will look like the FO is holding the card out and "magically" hitting the enemies in front of them.}) THE FOOL - The strongest Tarot Card. Has no special. THE MAGICIAN - Second strongest. Geist special. Increases MST as well. THE KING - Third Strongest. King special. THE DEVIL - Medium Strength. Devil or Demons special. THE EMPRESS - Weakest. Charge special. THE HANGED MAN / or / DEATH - Medium Strength. Hell special. JUDGEMENT / or / STRENGTH - Medium strength. Spirit special. Not all have to be used but they do give variety. They can also have different ATA and ranges or # of targets, as well as boosts or nerfs of different stats like DFP and EVA. Can boost different techs as well. Mystic Talisman - FO-only weapon. Casts lightning from their hand. No special. Drains TP while equipped. (Duplicate Maser Beam with handgun animation and fist model and skin.) Arcane Hex - Use TS on Mystic Talisman. Hits multiple target. No special. Drains TP while equipped. Maybe combo lock? Boosts Gizonde. (if you use Maser Beam and increase targets, it will fire multiple lightning bolts. or you can use Power Maser and it will shoot 1 chaining lightning bolt.) Alternatively, you can make something similar to a tarot card like above but have the special shoot gizonde so you kill two birds with one stone. (Just use Duplicate Sigh of a God as the initial weapon.) Damaged Katana - Moderately strong katana weapon. Dark special. (Description will read something like, "Once wielded by a legendary samurai, it is now a shadow of its former self.") Samurai's Spirit - Use TS on Damaged Katana. Strong katana capable of hitting up to 3 targets in a 360 degree radius around the character and with advanced range. Hell special. Boosts EVP and/or DFP greatly (Easy enough to make, except I'm not sure on the limits for boosting EVP and DFP. the description should read something like, "Invoking the spirit of a legendary samurai, you can make quick work of even three enemies at once.") Falcon Punch - Either a fist type weapon or a rocket punch type weapon built from a bazooka for an explosive result. (UNNAMED) - A RA-only shot type weapon that shoots either 4 or 5 piercing launcher projectiles. No special. Combo locked. (take a launcher, give it a shot animation and 4 or 5 targets, set appropriate range and angles. {I haven't tested this thoroughly on Caves boss so it may be super OP on him in particular...}) (UNNAMED) - Use TS on above and it weakens it but combo-unlocks it, can switch back and forth with TS. Maybe chaos or gush special? (This could be the only actually useful shot type weapon for damage dealing purposes.) Devil Harp - Use TS on Angel Harp. Hell Special. Can either be female-only or all. Shuriken - A very powerful clone of the flight cutter with extended range and only hits 1 target. Special can be Demons or Hell. Hades - A very powerful bazooka. Demons special. Hellfire - Use TS to switch between Hades and Hellfire. Weaker and combo unlocked. Devils special. Candy Cane - FO-only cane type weapon, skinned as a candy cane. Use TS on Lollipop. Moderately strong, 3 targets, with extended range. Has an inherent speed boost like a sugar rush. Special is either gush or geist from eating candy, or berserk from the sugar rush. (Create from that claw with the speed boost or sonic knuckle. You know the rest...) Briefcase - Briefcase skinned Marina's Bag, for men. Can have the same boosts or be completely different. Divine Favor - FO-only rod or wand that Boosts ATP and ATA by 1 but boosts DFP/MST/HP by 100+ and has divine punishment special. Can boost some techs as well if it can all fit on one weapon. should be difficult to get, possible PGF on a wand? Divine Punishment damage increases with MST so it is powerful on FO's (Create from Heaven Punisher duplicate, change animation, model, skin, range, etc.) Leviathan - Useable by all. Use TS on Demonic Fork. Becomes a very powerful partisan with extended range and attack angle and height. Phoenix Feather - Can only be used on a lvl 5 or lower mag, creates a Phoenix mag that when it becomes lvl 200, gets a use functionality that sets it to lvl 0. (could stay a phoenix or could turn back into a normal mag. I've seen the use functionality based on level done before but I never looked into how it was done.) Ultima Cell - Creates an "Ultima" mag, you can decide which model and skin is appropriate, should be a very good mag, possibly with 70% activation rates like the "Dreamcast" mag. Angel's Tear / or / Angel's Feather / or / Angel Dust - Creates a "Halo" mag which is just the Angel Ring model over the character's head. Rebirth Stones - Stones have different colors (Sky Blue, Viridian, Yellow, etc.) only characters above a certain level can use them, maybe above 150 or 180 or 200 only or even above 200 if that becomes a thing. Levels down to 0 and changes the section id to match the stone. It's not all that different from recreating the character but at least you can keep the name you like, your techs, and your mats. (I've done this without the section id so idk if that part is possible but the rest is.) Other Harder Difficulty levels. (Have another ship, alter the monster stats {including XP} so that normal mode is stronger than regular ultimate mode. Continue increasing difficulty on the new ship's hard - ultimate modes. {For the drops, since it would be time consuming to come up with an appropriate drop chart for these harder difficulties, just set it to a 1/1000 chance for a pd on normal and decrease to 1/100 on ultimate. Keep in mind, how much harder ultimate is than normal on the regular ship is, these monsters will be that much harder than the ultimate monsters on the regular ship so 1/100 will still take time and skill.}{you can work on a new drop chart to replace the pds at some point if you want as well...}) Higher character stat progression. (To keep up with the difficulty increase, characters should have higher max stats. To reach those new max stats, characters should either have greatly increased material capacity or be able to level higher than 200. If opting for the first choice, keep in mind it will get progressively harder to max higher ATA since there aren't materials for it.) 200 Luck. (This one I'm actually not sure if it is possible but since 100 luck = 25% chance for critical, 200 luck could work. If I remember correctly though, the game is hard coded to ignore anything after 100...) More quests - You can move all passive quests to the new ship to make room for more quests on the normal ship. You can also create new quests on the new ship which would inherently be very difficult because of the powerful monsters. Casino Quest - Has slot machines of different denominations. Has a 10,000 coin machine, a 100,000 coin machine, and a pd coin machine. Gives a random item from monomates and other similar things to any random tech disk drop on any difficulty (so it would automatically be more likely to give lower and mid level techs) to any random weapon drop on any difficulty (so it could be a ???Handgun that tekks to Bind or a ???Laser that tekks to Arrest and can have hit and possibly stats over 50 but is unlikely by default.) and has a small chance to give pds and unique rares. The prizes scale up based on machine. For 1 pd you have a very small chance of getting things like heavenly units/cent ability, heaven punisher, guld, bkb, msi, and other similarly valued weapons and even bunches of pds like 5 or 10 or 50. Maybe 1/500 - 1/1000 chance. But on the other hand you are way more likely to just get regular untekked weapons and low or joke rares like lollipop, bamboo spear, or that stupid throwing coin thing(Kan'ei Tsuho) with random percents, and you could even just end up getting an antidote for your hard earned pd... (Haven't made this quest in particular but it shouldn't be terrible to do, will take a few hours though.) Lvl 10 s/d and j/z for HUmar and RAmar respectively. If not 10 then at least more than 5... (You actually can do this on the crack ship only and have a quest that gives the tech disks for free that they can do each time they switch ships. When they switch back to the normal ship, the techs should disappear.) Higher tech lvls for FO's - Don't know the implications of something like lvl 40 megid but I know it is possible to allow forces to learn it... The disks can be special rewards or event drops only or drops on the super hard difficulties. (Again could be only on the new ship but idk what will happen if they go back to the other ship... probably would set to 30) Okay so I'm probably forgetting some really good things but this is plenty for now lol. Forgive any spelling and grammar errors, I have not slept. And Finally I apologize for not using spoilers, I don't know how, I almost never post on any forums but something made me decide to today. Any moderator can feel free to put spoilers and clean this up as they see necessary. Thank you for reading!
  9. Hello people! My brothers and I have begun a nostalgic re-run of PSO and can't stop playing! I'm in Australia and they are in the U.S. but their items appear correct and normal. However for me I see items completely different for the most part! Not sure what the issue is.. for instance instead of Saber it is Gladius, or instead of Angel Mind for me it appears as God/HP. This is quite confusing and very difficult to figure out with items! Please let me know if there's a fix or what the problem is ASAP! Thank you Swisher
  10. I'm sorry for writing this question, it may have already been answered before. I am still new at playing this game online and am learning that your ID really makes a difference in what items are dropped for you. I just wanted to know if all section ID's have a shot at all the rares coming up in this event, but with different monsters, or will some ID's not be able to get same rare items that will be dropped for this upcoming event? I am just asking because I just found the list of rares for the events and I already see a bunch that I need and I wanna be able to get them myself.
  11. Hola, gracias por leer esto n_n El problema que tengo es que todos los items de mis dos pjs están cambiados. Tanto los items del equipo, como la bolsa de items y los dos bancos (del pj y el común) son otros a los que tenía. Lo curioso de este bug es que cuando entro a algún mapa, se ven con la forma del item original, pero el nombre ha cambiado, e incluso el efecto es el que correspondería al del nuevo item. Adjunto unas screenshots de lo que les dije antes para que entiendan mejor No sé con exactitud cuando puedo haber ocurrido esto, pues gracias a motivos de estudio dejé de jugar por un rato, entrando por última vez el 23 de junio. Después, cuando decidí darme una escapada al PSO por un ratico, entré el 4 de julio y noté que mi Regenerate Gear BP (el cual había dejado equipado en mi pj Rydia) había desaparecido, pero no le di mayor importancia y me tomé a la tarea de conseguir otro. Finalmente, el 7 de julio, todos los items estaban buggeados. No tengo idea si esto requerirá de un Rollback u otra alternativa, pero les pido por favor que traten de reparar mis pjs, puesto que gracias a ello no he podido jugar tranquilo >.< Mi Guildcard: 42097703 Personajes afectados: Todos xD Aunque estos son: -Mizore- (slot 1) y Rydia (slot 2) Y por cierto, cree un nuevo pj el día que descubrí el bug (para jugar un rato). No sé si esto le afectará eventualmente a ella también Agrego las screenshots que fui capaz de encontrar, contienen algunos items que tengo... o tenía T.T (No hayé ninguna de la Excalibur, pero muchas personas me han visto jugar con ella, por si los testigos resolviesen esto) Si se necesita de más información no duden en hacermelo saber, les ruego que puedan resolverlo >.< Gracias por leer, ¡aprecio el tiempo y esfuerzo que inviertan en esto! PD: Hago el post hasta hoy 14 de julio (lo empecé en 13 de julio xP), porque antes he andado haciendo un par de cosas (enfermo, papeleo de la universidad, etc) y no me ha quedado tiempo ni energías... ¡Sí, incluso he carecido de energía para encender el PC!
  12. I logged in this morning to use my Lv 60, but the same thing had happened to that character as to HUNK (Items all being "????"). It was about 12:50am (UK), 26/10/2012 Slot 2: HUNKette Guild Card number: 42016215 Screenshot: http://i790.photobucket.com/albums/yy186/willJgreen94/pso1351252476.png Thanks again for your time. Will (HUNK)
  13. Dear GM(s) Between 02:40 and 02:55 (UK, London time) or thereabouts. I logged out then in again in order to change to my main, but my items were all "????". I was told to upload screenshots, provide my guild card number and about what time it happened so someone could help me out. Here is a link to the screenshot: http://i790.photobucket.com/albums/yy186/willJgreen94/pso1351129795.jpg My character's name is HUNK ( I don't know if you needed that. ) My Guild Card No: 42016215 Thanks for you time, your help is appreciated a LOT, since this is my main character. Thanks again. Will (HUNK)
  14. Hello, my problem is that all my items appear with question marks???? This happened when I was about to identify a rare item in the store, restart the game and when I returned to get my items were so???? The error occurred today Tuesday July 17 at approximately 8:00 pm (GMT -6:00) character: >gondra< Slot: 1 ID card: 42093865 Here is a screenshot of the bug http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/13/pso1342572693.png/ Thanks, I hope is resolved soon!
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