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Found 12 results

  1. I have finally been able to recover an old account I have not played in years. I know I had a few decent items like at least 2 Cent/abils on my hunter (Alsten) and items on my Ranger (Alice) and other items throughout. As of now I have three characters with literally nothing. no items in inventory at all. I have absolutely nothing in character bank, only a few items in the shared storage. Missing mags meseta weapons armor etc on all characters but the Hunter. Is there a possibility of restoring data from before all the items were missing without knowing when it happene
  2. Hey so my account named Xenon and after not logging in for a few months any time I equip any item that effects my MST (MAG Included) it drops my MST to literally zero, I'm level 102 and my TP as a force user is 151 and I cant equip any MST dependant items, if I remove ALL MST effecting items my MST returns to the character's base MST, giving me about 900 TP VS 150 TP. Any Ideas? I Reinstalled PSOBB and I Tried using an alternative Account same issue but when I give my items to other players, their still able to use them fine with no loss or anything.
  3. Not sure what's going on, logged into the game for the first time in about a year or so, everything seems screwed up in terms of items. For instance monsters are dropped what appear to me as already identified Rare items. found 5 justy rifles off of monsters that don't even drop them. the armor vendors are selling really rare stuff, like god techniques, Divine protections, V501 etc... Weapons guy is selling rare weps too. I'm getting tons of red boxes, but they're clearly not the item they're supposed to be. Most of the bugged units I found give no stats at all. Also, the music is bugging out
  4. Guildcard: 42090736 Character Slot: 1 Date: 2012-10-15, Time 5:06pm Mountain time zone (4:06 PDT) Description: tried to equip one of my noob hp's and i dced, i logged back in and i have lost one of my centurian powers, and my mag is gone as well.
  5. Guildcard: 42160604 Character Slot: 2 Date/Time: 3/1/2016 - : 09:23 AM UTD Description: Got on PSO like I normally do in the am left the game on all night had to re login and when I did I noticed a few things were missing out my inventory I acquired last night. Comments: The items were a phoenix claw and 20 pds I had got through some trading as of now these are the only things I am noticing. Notes: Guildcard -N/A. -N/A Character Slot -Character slot 2 -Character Bank -Character Person Date/Time -9:00 am server time apx Thanks, Anthony A. ​
  6. Okay so unlike some people who ask for impossible things and don't offer any ideas on how to implement them... most of the ideas I will offer I have personally implemented on my own local server and they took less than 10 minutes each to do so. Some are incredibly fun to play with. Weapons/Items Transmutation Stone (TS) - Use item for some of the items below... Bumstick - HU-only melee weapon, uses a rifle model but is a rod or partisan or something but only hits 1 target. No Special. Can use TS to turn into Boomstick. (doesnt need explanation.) Boomstick - HU-only melee weapon that explo
  7. Hello people! My brothers and I have begun a nostalgic re-run of PSO and can't stop playing! I'm in Australia and they are in the U.S. but their items appear correct and normal. However for me I see items completely different for the most part! Not sure what the issue is.. for instance instead of Saber it is Gladius, or instead of Angel Mind for me it appears as God/HP. This is quite confusing and very difficult to figure out with items! Please let me know if there's a fix or what the problem is ASAP! Thank you Swisher
  8. I'm sorry for writing this question, it may have already been answered before. I am still new at playing this game online and am learning that your ID really makes a difference in what items are dropped for you. I just wanted to know if all section ID's have a shot at all the rares coming up in this event, but with different monsters, or will some ID's not be able to get same rare items that will be dropped for this upcoming event? I am just asking because I just found the list of rares for the events and I already see a bunch that I need and I wanna be able to get them myself.
  9. Hola, gracias por leer esto n_n El problema que tengo es que todos los items de mis dos pjs están cambiados. Tanto los items del equipo, como la bolsa de items y los dos bancos (del pj y el común) son otros a los que tenía. Lo curioso de este bug es que cuando entro a algún mapa, se ven con la forma del item original, pero el nombre ha cambiado, e incluso el efecto es el que correspondería al del nuevo item. Adjunto unas screenshots de lo que les dije antes para que entiendan mejor No sé con exactitud cuando puedo haber ocurrido esto, pues gracias a motivos de estudio dejé de jugar por
  10. I logged in this morning to use my Lv 60, but the same thing had happened to that character as to HUNK (Items all being "????"). It was about 12:50am (UK), 26/10/2012 Slot 2: HUNKette Guild Card number: 42016215 Screenshot: http://i790.photobucket.com/albums/yy186/willJgreen94/pso1351252476.png Thanks again for your time. Will (HUNK)
  11. Dear GM(s) Between 02:40 and 02:55 (UK, London time) or thereabouts. I logged out then in again in order to change to my main, but my items were all "????". I was told to upload screenshots, provide my guild card number and about what time it happened so someone could help me out. Here is a link to the screenshot: http://i790.photobucket.com/albums/yy186/willJgreen94/pso1351129795.jpg My character's name is HUNK ( I don't know if you needed that. ) My Guild Card No: 42016215 Thanks for you time, your help is appreciated a LOT, since this is my main character. Thanks again. Will (HUNK)
  12. Hello, my problem is that all my items appear with question marks???? This happened when I was about to identify a rare item in the store, restart the game and when I returned to get my items were so???? The error occurred today Tuesday July 17 at approximately 8:00 pm (GMT -6:00) character: >gondra< Slot: 1 ID card: 42093865 Here is a screenshot of the bug http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/13/pso1342572693.png/ Thanks, I hope is resolved soon!
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