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  1. Side Note: Norton Core Routers Block PSO from updating... not from playing but only from updating and since the CORE is a firewall you either have to have direct access to it, or you have to proxy out. that may also be why the client isn't "Updated" because the launcher cant get updates normally and you cant download them from the site through a f*cked up Firewall that Norton should have never made...
  2. Hey so my account named Xenon and after not logging in for a few months any time I equip any item that effects my MST (MAG Included) it drops my MST to literally zero, I'm level 102 and my TP as a force user is 151 and I cant equip any MST dependant items, if I remove ALL MST effecting items my MST returns to the character's base MST, giving me about 900 TP VS 150 TP. Any Ideas? I Reinstalled PSOBB and I Tried using an alternative Account same issue but when I give my items to other players, their still able to use them fine with no loss or anything.
  3. So, i log in today and most my items have changed, luckily my 3 rare weapons that i used most are still there but my mag changed names form elenore to rati (Stats stayed unchanged) but my body armors, Armor Attachments and basically most all else but my meseta changed practically over night, not sure what can be done... but my account was acting a lil strange before, im getting worried it may curroput my lindcray and devine v.00 and my 195MST mag, i list those in the hopes that if it does... that i have a SLIGHT chance of recieving them in the future, first time this happened i was unsure.... still am though this time my inventory is full of items i know i didnt obtain, either i've been hacked or the game is messing up, i only use PSOBB's Launcher and game files across 3 PC'S so im not entirely sure what to do, the profile name is Xenon, under user ShadowRevenant
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