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  1. Jamiroquai? Could swear It has to do with that name despite I only seen It on players' names
  2. I would like to buy this mag 11Sato [Slate Blue] [5/148/45/0] [Mylla & Youlla | Estlla | Pilla]
  3. Imagine me becoming a GM [Aka: Imagine being the last person to notice his purple name ]
  4. Kotta

    Small shop :)

  5. Kotta


    I'll trade you 2 BBS for a Heart Key
  6. Not Intended to be that asshole but I believe this has been proposed a lot In the past (Including numerous post In topic "Ideas to Improve Server" ) (and yet this asshole has no proof on the table despite he Is a phoenix wright fan ) {But I'm going to prove I am not an asshole } Also, not only Kroe's Sweater which Is one of the most relevant armors to use there are -Samurai Armor -Mother's Garb+ -Sue's Coat -Dress Plate (I am pretty sure this one does It's like the Love (Sweet? ) Heart armors ) -Elemental tech booster Cloaks (Ignition/Tempest/Congeal Cloaks) -Lieutenant Mantle -Vampire Cloak (In the lowest of tiers At least give It Devil's wing mag visuals ) [And maaaaybe buff It a little somehow ] -Neutron Skin -Godric's Cloak
  7. 172 Let's goooooooooooooooo :onion-head78: :onion-head78: :onion-head78: :onion-head78: :onion-head78: [Bakka no formatto! format yourself right ]
  8. This Phantasy Star track got me speechless. It feels like PSO soundtrack In Its purest essence possible (Aire Iglesia from Phantasy Star Portable 2 )
  9. 1- Enter the Trade Center forum [And don't mind quality and me ] 2- Click on the Search Window In the superior right corner of website (webpage? ) and "Seach In" This Forum. If you know what you're looking for, make sure to spell It correctly and "Find results that contain..." All of my search term words [If not, you can try the other option and hope It doesn't throw you a lot of random unwanted search results ] *You don't need to "Find results In..." Content Titles only, unless you are certain about the topic's title you are looking for [this can happen at random seasonal times ] And finally, an obvious and a "literally hidden"... DISCLAIMER [you are too big for merelease me/us! ] -The obvious disclaimer Is, obviously, If you type It wrong, It won't appear [Unless others wrongly spelled It alike, In which case I would be proven wrong ] -The literally hidden disclaimer Is, Hidden content In topic cannot appear In the seach tool [Learned this when tried to search on Shiida's and Noudle's shop In the pasta past of pastelicious past tense of the passe compose paste d'hasta la pasta, In which cases I was certain they had what I was looking for. but was hidden, despite hiding wasn't the Intention, but to be organized (unlike me ) Maybe that needs to be accomodated differently with another tool to be the same as the hide content, but without the "hide"? ] Hope this helps the community. It has helped me a lot back then [and hope you had fun reading me ]
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