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  1. I was never a very big player, I played PSO on a friends dreamcast mostly, so I was only able to play irregularly, but I know I LOVED the game very much, even to this day, miss the game. I even miss the MMO that was out a while ago. My favorite character was a little Jester I would play as, a FOnewm, a very short silly looking little guy who packed a helluva punch.
  2. Getting used to controls and stuff was confusing as all hell at first. It took me an hour just to figure out how to leave the hub. -_-;; Mostly because I'm too much of a spaz to ask in chat about basic stuff.
  3. Honestly, I practically cried when I read an article about this. Went in and played some by myself just to get used to the controls and damn... I missed this game so much.
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