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Trigunman aka "Vash the Stampede", aka "The Humanoid Typhoon", aka "The $$60,000,000,000 Man". A survivor of the doomed Earth expedition planet "Gunsmoke" with an only one relative, a twin-brother named "Millions Knives", who died on that planet. Approximately 135 years old, Vash is a artificial lifeform created by the best earth scientists and research teams called a "Plant" and was created for interstellar travel and world colonization. Sadly Vash has a troubled and horrific past on the planet "Gunsmoke", hence his many ominous monikers. He is also the wielder of the "Angel Arm" revolver, an incredible weapon which can also become a large cannon capable of destroying entire cities. It is basically a modified version of the Dan Wesson PPC 357, specially created by his brother Knives to fuse with Vash and transform into the "Angel Arm" itself. Despite his past hardships and losses, Vash has moved on since the Earth rescue teams have landed on the planet Gunsmoke. His journey has now led him across the stars to new adventures on the planet Ragol and onboard the Pioneer 2 expedition ship.




Current character roster:

"Tri" account

  1. Trigunman - Yellowboze - RAmar - lvl 200
  2. Triforcer - Whitill - FOmar - lvl 200
  3. Triblader - Redria - HUmar - lvl 200
  4. Tri-MSUIT - Viridia - RAcast - lvl 200

"Quad" account:

  1. Quad-Shot - Purplenum - RAmarl - lvl 146
  2. Quad-Tekk - Pinkal - FOnewearl - lvl 146
  3. Quad-Cutt - Skyly - HUnewearl - lvl 146
  4. Quad-Bash - Bluefull - HUcast - lvl 146





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