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  1. Well I'll be... PSO2'd!  I didn't think in a million years this would happen after all my initial disappointments and setbacks but...


    TEH HAPPENIN!!!  It has begun!  I honestly didn't think it was possible in spite of all of M$'s and SEGA's effin' chicanery, but incredibly, as of last night, I have installed PSO2 via Steam to Windows 7 Pro and... IT IS WORKING, without any crashes, bugs, glitches or other nonsense.


    SO I AM IN LIKE FLYNN.  Ship 4, whatever it's called, Tri-MobileSUIT is my first character, obviously a re-hash of my RAcast.  Hopefully I'll see some of you guys there who play or when PSO2 New Genesis is released. 


    Yea, I guess this means my PSO time is going to be considerably curtailed, as if it wasn't already, sorry guys...

    1. Bambene


      For ne, to much pay to gain

    2. Trigunman


      Yea, I get that Bambene...  As if I need another Pay2Win game to play either.  (I'm looking at you Combat Arms Reloaded) *sigh*  Here's to hoping they improve on that pay model for New Genesis.

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