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  1. Well I'll be... PSO2'd!  I didn't think in a million years this would happen after all my initial disappointments and setbacks but...


    TEH HAPPENIN!!!  It has begun!  I honestly didn't think it was possible in spite of all of M$'s and SEGA's effin' chicanery, but incredibly, as of last night, I have installed PSO2 via Steam to Windows 7 Pro and... IT IS WORKING, without any crashes, bugs, glitches or other nonsense.


    SO I AM IN LIKE FLYNN.  Ship 4, whatever it's called, Tri-MobileSUIT is my first character, obviously a re-hash of my RAcast.  Hopefully I'll see some of you guys there who play or when PSO2 New Genesis is released. 


    Yea, I guess this means my PSO time is going to be considerably curtailed, as if it wasn't already, sorry guys...

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    2. Kotta


      Combat Arms became pay 2 win? :onion-head84:


    3. Trigunman


      Yea Kotta there's like 2 versions of it now, Reloaded and Classic. They aren't all that different honestly IMHO either,(they reuse assets between the two ALOT, similar weapons, gear, different names) Nexon sold it off to Valofe too a few years ago btw.  If you still had an account with Nexon, it's now GONE.(there was a transfer window of time from Nexon's to Valofe's CA server back when this happened and if you didn't catch it, your account was not transferred, basically DELETED!)  You can play both through Steam now for free as well, which you seem to get alot more log-in rewards too there.


      If Valofe really wanted to do a "Classic" version of it, they should have went waaaay back to 2010-2011 or so's version of CA, not the 2015 version of it.  Not really sure what the crap Valofe is thinking with that business model IMHO.  Yea, Pay2Win sucks, but they do shower new players and even current players with lots of nice gear on daily log-in rewards, however, they typically doesn't last very long.  They only last like only a few days to a week unless you use renewal kits on the gear, which is kind of cheesy bait & switch BS IMHO.  I only play for sentimental reasons these days and... Well, IMHO CounterStrike sucks in comparison to me now.(and I played it ALOT back when it first came out, CS Retail v1.1 baybeee! I still have that CD too LOL)


      When did you play CA Kotta?  :onion108:

    4. Kotta



      It was a really long time ago xD

      All I remember Is that my latest rank was something with multiple crowns In It :D



      While It's true that there was cash for tons of stuff there, back then It wasn't that relevant.

      [Then there arrived the character models, the subsonic rifle (xD) and tons of other stuffs]


      All I did In the game was play and buy two weapons that were G36E (I think that was the name. I used to steal the opponent's cash version called G63E Valkyrie :onion-head09: ) and mines you drop anywhere that did 80 damage iirc to whoever stood on them :onion-head63:.


      Those were good times, back when I had a kind of decent computer :onion120: 


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