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  1. Wow, i've been gone a long time....

  2. Im back now. But i dont play ultima

  3. BlueFlare is Blueflare

    1. BlueFlare


      And Bun is bun!

  4. BlueFlare Says: Aw your back Tensa?
  5. Sorry i was gone guys.

    1. Zeph


      I know. I had no one to yell at XD

    2. Larva


      welcome back

    3. BlueFlare


      Thanks, And Zeph.. lol

  6. I apologize for being gone so long blue. I'll see about getting that Marina's Bag to you soon. What's up btw :)?

  7. Vypor is now the number 1 spammer since apollo left. (Hey im going off topic too!)
  8. Apollo... you finally found someone to live with your annoyingness, <3. Welcome back (partly) JK about the first part, Happy loving have fun, loose your stress!
  9. Llanxx! I might be back on most days now~ Your friend,


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