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  1. Nothing really to exciting dropping this event !

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    2. yeyy


      I'm 6'9 690 pounds of muscle don't mess with me

    3. hidden


      /ignore lol i really don't care. i didn't say this event sucked , i just said nothing exciting for me, you are all some nit picking people lol. I really said nothing bad.  i don't get why yall crying LMAO

    4. yeyy


      Hehehe LMAO XD I dont get why we cryin boy XD LMAOOOOOOOOOO dude u had me dyin but why we cryin xDDD looooooooooool that was so funny why we cryin thoxD



      we 2nitpickin in this world guys, he didn't say the event sucked, there's just nothing good whatsoever in the event but even if there's literally nothing good in the event it is a wonderful, great event!:)

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