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  1. Hello to whom it may concern. I'm looking for help. For some strange reason I can get online in the Lobby I can create a room But as soon as I go to the forest or a quest or whatever as soon as I get their and move or start to play I get booted right out of the Game. I checked my Firewall made sure the game was Accepted Cant Figure it out its like I Got Hacked or something. Can someone help me?
  2. Megabotic


    Hello Need help it seems every time i go online and make a room or join a room i get booted out of the game dont know whats going on can someone help me ?
  3. Megabotic

    R-78 shop

    Hello me again lol i noticed you have a Bomb chu 30/0/0/40/0 Don't have enough pds but i do have dts would that be ok if its still for sale
  4. Hi JD the Chromatic Orb is that the Orb that Changes the Excalibur into the Crimson Sword? If so i will buy it if you still have it for sale @Megabotic pm me
  5. Megabotic

    pls close

    pls close
  6. Hello is their anyone making orange sato mags i would like too buy one @Megabotic
  7. Megabotic

    pls close

    pls close
  8. Hello @jdhenry124 do you still have ultima reaper 0/0/45/45/0 If so i like to buy it @Megabotic
  9. Hello kush is the Rianov -4 still for sale if so pm me I will buy it @Megabotic
  10. Hi @SinowNeo617 I like to buy the TypeRI/Rifle +100 with Hell if its still for sale @Megabotic
  11. Megabotic

    close pls

    close pls
  12. I will Buy it @Megabotic
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