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  1. are you interested in 2 df? 50/0.0/50/50 and 0/35/0/30/50 pm me if interested since i dont get notifications here
  2. i have 60hit 30dark, what you got for it? im looking for yasminkov with special and hit
  3. lmaooo Armando you too much boii,
  4. davidson, nice hs but i dont need the other equips
  5. looking for Yasminkov 9000m p raven cent battle AS if anything lets negociate/ DF stas 50/0/0/50/50
  6. yo armando sell me those bad ass, talk about it on skype
  7. stats: 50/0/0/50/50
  8. i have df but what stats are your df? @judgment
  9. Wants: Yazminkov demon Yazminkov hell Asteron Striker Yazminkov Charge Centurion battle max RR black king bar with hit hs 50hit +
  10. Wants. -20dts -Wedding Dress max -Iron faust -Slicer of fanatic with hit
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