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  1. hidden

    heyy when u getting on

  2. Try doing a rollback 2 hours from my original post? Maybe that will work I dunno. BUt I can't play till its solved :/
  3. Well now my common bank has nothing in it so can't access it :/
  4. Still bugged and still can't play
  5. It still freezes everytimg I try to access my common bank :/
  6. I was moving my bank to my character's bank when I saw a ??? armor in there. Everytime I open up my common bank the game crashes. Not sure whats wrong, maybe need a rollback? Card: 42009788 4th slot Rollback maybe 30 min prior to this post? Not sure if that would fix it.
  7. This server is free calm down. Most people love the common bank feature including myself.
  8. Ray


    And down again...lol!
  9. Ray


    First run today Spirit Garment dropped LOL. So I guess it was just bad luck
  10. Ray


    ok I'll keep trying!
  11. Ray


    I'm on my 120th kill for Gibbles on VH Redria Ep2. The drop rate is suppose to be around 1/36 or 1/46. I'm not sure if the drop is broken or not or if I just have terrible luck. But usually with a low drop rate it doesnt take this long, maybe I'm unlucky
  12. My common bank is back thanks so much, I was so stressed about it
  13. Any word? Are these rollbacks going to take place?
  14. I'm not sure what is going on but both my accounts have a cleared common bank. Is there anyway to fix it? I would prefer to not have a rollback if possible..... Guild card 42009997 and 42009788 Oh yea I was on slot 3, but it doesnt matter what character I play on either account, both banks have no items or meseta in them If you can do a rollback at 3AM Pacific that would be great I guess if that fixes it
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