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  1. Dragon Slayer Ult Ep2 Del Lily, Water Gun Ult Ep2 Gi Gue, Centurion/Luck Ult Ep2 Ill Gill -->All from Skyly ID
  2. B> Limiter pm me!

  3. No, I am looking to buy one or trade for one.
  4. B> Limiter 12 pds pm meh

    1. final pacman

      final pacman

      i have got the mimiyer


    2. Solaris


      @final pacman Sweet, let me know when you're free

  5. B> Limiter/Adept

  6. King Striker is for sale, not Chromatic Orb. 1 PD for the Striker ok?
  7. Yes I do I have x10 at the moment
  8. Solaris


    Bluefull Astark in Ep4 Ult dropped a Slicer of Vengeance
  9. B> Rabarta Merge

  10. Perhaps I may have worded things too vague- this is an EVENT drop- which means they are available to hunt only for a limited time- ID cards are available all year-round. That is why I feel it's usefulness should equate the drop rate.
  11. With the rate being absurd, it should be a weapon of high calibur to make it worthwhile. However, I do not think everyone will like the outcome of what happens with such polarizing opinions on making multi-target arrest/frozen faust. That being said, the new items should not be removed because for the people who have spent their time hunting them despite the rate and usefulness, it would be unfair. Either changing the rate/mob of the drop or adjusting the special/stats/class requirements would satisfy the majority. Also if you voted no to either of the poles- your mom's a ho.
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