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  1. Downloading A.D.I.O.L. Demo

  2. Mantis is back? Sooooooooooo? ROFL

    1. Dizzak420
    2. Larva


      welcome. just in time for the event

  3. I have the RPG MAKER XP as my hobby too, since 2008 I guess. I can't work with scripts yet. But I can work with all of event based features of RMXP. Currently I have a puzzle game and an adventure game made on RMXP. I'm glad I'm not the only one who's addicted to it. hahahaha. Brazil Just Love Ultima Server (y)
  4. Estou devendo minha alma para o banco. ¬¬

    1. Elision


      sei como se sente |:

  5. Yeah long time :/ I've been busy. I just saw RAVSO's profile at RPG Palace and came here Hi Ultima, I miss u so much
  6. This is my 6th year working with RPG MAKER XP ^^

  7. Look who I found around the web
  8. i found by mistake your video of tetris song is damn cool dude XDD

  9. I came to your profile to sing a Brazilian song

    "vamos embora pra um bar, beber, cair e levantar. beber, cair e levantar. beber, cair e levantar."


  10. vc foi pro Anime Friends?


  11. California dreaming.. on such a winner's day ! (8)

  12. hangover / ressaca '¬¬

  13. Ultima's Super Mario Song now on youtube! Check out Videos From Ultima topic.

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