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    MudkipzJM, GLaDOS, Mudkipz, Mudo, MuddyCast, BinAflak, etc
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    Music, vidja games, @KarmaTheFoney, @Auli'i, @mclaughlin86, @griffini, @ultrajerky, @SelahIsASpot and @LoneRanger
    also 欠 を 食べる

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  1. look

    if y'all lads don't wish the lawd and savory @McLaughlin86 a happy borthday imma dump on your porch and steal y'alls clout

    aint got NO JUICE


  2. need leveled up?

    I appreciate your willingness to help but I think there's a few people more suited to help. Also, level doesn't have much bearing here. I've seen level 200s output way less damage than someone level 100. It's all about gear, my dude.
  3. Happy bornt you fukin dink

  4. ty all for the birthday wishes uwu

    1. Wayne Jones
    2. Starlord


      No, thank you...... for being born.

  5. Congratulations dad dude!!

  6. Happy Birthday!

  7. Yes, this also make it so people can't send odd amounts of DTs (i.e. .69, .01). i know it's a fun joke to send that much once in awhile but there's not much having the ability to do that also could have have the hotkeys to change the lobbyevents back? we still have the ones for cam and hud, doesn't make sense not to include lobby event
  8. Honestly, at this point, I'd say just make it not count against your current reputation. It doesn't need to have a negative impact to let someone know what they're saying is rude/dumb.
  9. Woah

    Same old PSO, just new items.
  10. B>Guilty light with 50+ hit

  11. also forest offensive rewards bug and roct time/player limit
  12. Game doesn't open :o

    I'd shoot a PM to @Solyor something.
  13. Game doesn't open :o

    The game really doesn't like it when it changes resolutions, I'd also make sure the game is fully updated and etc.
  14. Game doesn't open :o

    If you're running win10, make sure it isn't in full screen. I forget if soly's fixed it or not but I think fullscreen crashes the game.