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  1. redria - hylian shield??
  2. Welcome to Ultima KittyMage :3 We did a CCA not long ago i think . . .
  3. i think that HH should also include 5x exp when on (because of the people who have nothing to farm and need the level boost to get to the level they need to be to begin farming)
  4. 42171812 Character slot 2 - Tommy 2:10:2-14 AM Central I was feeding my mag and had finally hit 100 and wanted to use my Heart of Angel. I went to Forest, and watched it turn into the newly formed Angel Wings. I had loaded back to Pioneer after and dropped it on the floor to give to my main account so i could hunt and also feed the mag now (I am dual logged because i was in need of monomates and monofluids). When i saw it on my main account, it was a blue box that was still registered as a level 98 Bhirava. Picture: http://pasteboard.co/8UILQndW6.png
  5. I spent 30 minutes doing this quest for 2 luck mats, and in the end of my quest i had a full inventory and i received no reward.... rip 30 minutes Whats the point in disabling all the vendors/bankers during the quest?
  6. it wasnt though. i cant pick it up because i have max cash on me.
  7. Was doing TTF solo on my alt and encountered this
  8. I just got my heaven punisher and striker unit the other the day and i love it. But, i have noticed some bugs on the gun about 75% of the time. Which would be it not being able to do the special. I'm not sure if its a real bug or not but i know its funky because i do in-fact have both pieces for the special to work. Help?
  9. Hes talking about Sigh of a God. If you want one, go to droptable and CTRL+F to find where it drops. Valentines is up so you can get it!
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