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  1. I can model and texture in blender fairly well, give me specs on sizes and stuff @Soly and I can see what I can do? Proof I can model can be seen at the p3d link I'm posting below. https://p3d.in/u/dwalters EDIT: also! need to ask this, I honestly doubt it does, but does the game support normal mapping by chance? if so, I can make some pretty high detail models that are very low poly count (can make a cube have curves, though the game only has to process enough that it's a cube because there's still only 6 faces, thus it adds detail at practically no cost of lag)
  2. dwalters98

    SHOP :>

    actually, that's kinda cool, it's a shop inside a shop inside a shop exc... shopception XD
  3. yeah, it wasn't worth much, just saying I would have had atleast 1 item on your list XD
  4. if it were a month ago I had a 65 hit rainbow baton I sold away....
  5. Looking to buy a mother garb plus. Please pm me if you have one for sale with a price :)

    1. Too Fast Tim

      Too Fast Tim

      I'm on now and have A MG+ Make a room.

    2. Too Fast Tim

      Too Fast Tim

      Forgot to include a price lol how is 27? seeing as how you and I have done bossiness in the past and you treated me rather fairly.

  6. Sticking with the movie reference theme XD
  7. if you look under gh0st's name there, you would see "Ultima veteran".... I wouldn't be suprised if this man had 3 spare STA's... no need to doubt
  8. gosh dangit.. why would you bid so much on the hylian as a starting bid mate...
  9. I honestly don't know whether to bid right now or not based on that... too vague of information that's not really confirmed as far as I can tell XD
  10. wait, pikachu never said pds or dts... did he pm you and say which one or what? cause I thought he was bidding 50 pds, making me the highest bidder on hylian?
  11. alright, I bid 99 pds on the hylian shield.
  12. are we allowed to bid on separate items? cause I just want the hylian shield.
  13. torturing myself with music theory 0_o never knew understanding chords was so much to take in till now...

    1. McLaughlin86


      While chords are vital to understanding modern music, don't forget to just trust your ear. If something just sounds good to your brain, it usually is. But yes, there are a various amount of chords and they can sound beautiful as fuck. Hope it goes well for you.

    2. dwalters98


      I understand the chords now... it's just applying them with eachother and making sure they are all in the same "key". like I'm messing around with chords in the D major key.

  14. how much you looking for that dark meteor?
  15. Hey, forum is telling me that I can not pm you, which is rather odd. Just says "NAME can not receive messages". Anyways, I mostly go by offers on stuff like that, just shoot me an offer in pm or here and we can adjust price from there or just go with it
  16. dwalters98

    s>mini shop

    i'll pay the 1pd, pm me with a room name and pass and I'll hop on game?
  17. dwalters98

    s>mini shop

    how much for the charge arms 0/5/0/0|45?
  18. that's fairly common drop, so 1 pd would be fine for that.
  19. just bought a ticket from night and post hasn't been updated for a while after, just a post to make sure I'm not forgotten XD
  20. I can sell you shifta 29 if you still need that.
  21. Shop closed Thank you for all the sales, I'm opening a new shop shortly, just most of the items from this one were sold XD.
  22. look in Cyane's noob shop, she has a no hit one for sale, and she's selling all stuff cheap.
  23. how much for these items? 012. Raygun +2 [0/50/0/50|50] [Demon's] 025. Raygun [0/0/0/5|50] [Charge]
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