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  1. Hey Thanks for the great event. I like the idea of going back to pure PSO gameplay with challenge mode. Very nice idea. I will team up with my bro @HUngel !!
  2. Butterfly net - Merilia - Ultimate - Pinkal
  3. Yowie VH (ep4) Skyly -> LOGIN 2 in a row !
  4. I have a jizai ^^

    1. FuryOfAGameJunk


      Cool are interested in trading?


    2. plainstone



      I'll make a room "Fury" in a minute

  5. THANK YOU for this post...You have documented a very real problem. Thank you for this. It's been like this for a while. It seems to get worse during this event. I am aware we are complaining over something that is not necessarily due to us... But it seems unfair when others get an advantage we don't, and in my opinion, it's always worth talking about it.
  6. Will we get the drop table like we did during the Summer event? That would be neat Any ideas of the drop rates?
  7. My submissions Meme Event : Summer Event Happy summer !!!!