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  1. selling all these :x

    PR 100/100/0/100

    yas9k 80 hit charge

    hundred souls 80 hit set n/d ab/m

    DM 80 hit set n/m and ab/d

    asteron striker 80 hit (90dark???)

    cent battle

    wedding dress near max or max iirc

    150 dts


    looking for league RP, steam goodies and open to offers

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    2. Auli'i


      My Uncle owns a horse

      The horse in chess moves like this..




    3. SelahIsASpot


      dunkey is my spirit animal tbh

    4. evilfate
  2. tsume where r you? :"L

  3. dang i wanted that DM son

    1. Kush


      sorry dude =(

  4. i pay you dts to trade my df set for your dm set :D

  5. I send mudman a happy birthday, where do I attach DTs?

    1. mudkipzjm


      I think you found out :P

  6. t>DF set for DM set, b>sato 5/17x/x/0, cent arm, PDs

  7. T>DF set for DM set pm only

  8. force a stronger class

    ignition cloak on scht was the bomb.com with a merge and some simple gear, but I guess that was years ago where buffed enemies weren't something to worry about. I like the idea of having some oldschool gear buffed up to match the big boys on this server
  9. force a stronger class

    we could also show the hunters some love cause lets be honest, force and ranger are already pretty useful. the average HU is rocking a demo comet and stuck on the floor the whole time
  10. looks like we're gonna be on that hunter traiiiin. no more DM

  11. S>DF set 80 hit

    1. evilfate


      or DM set? pso kinda boring atm

  12. still selling DF set hue. your DTs mean nothing to meeeeeeeeeeeee

  13. When I first made the post it was in haste, the poll was added after thinking about it! Look on the first post, was a little editted, but yes the title is misleading