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  1. selling all these :x

    PR 100/100/0/100

    yas9k 80 hit charge

    hundred souls 80 hit set n/d ab/m

    DM 80 hit set n/m and ab/d

    asteron striker 80 hit (90dark???)

    cent battle

    wedding dress near max or max iirc

    150 dts


    looking for league RP, steam goodies and open to offers

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    2. Auli'i


      My Uncle owns a horse

      The horse in chess moves like this..




    3. SelahIsASpot


      dunkey is my spirit animal tbh

    4. evilfate
  2. dang i wanted that DM son

    1. Kush


      sorry dude =(

  3. i pay you dts to trade my df set for your dm set :D

  4. I send mudman a happy birthday, where do I attach DTs?

    1. mudkipzjm


      I think you found out :P

  5. t>DF set for DM set, b>sato 5/17x/x/0, cent arm, PDs

  6. T>DF set for DM set pm only

  7. ignition cloak on scht was the bomb.com with a merge and some simple gear, but I guess that was years ago where buffed enemies weren't something to worry about. I like the idea of having some oldschool gear buffed up to match the big boys on this server
  8. we could also show the hunters some love cause lets be honest, force and ranger are already pretty useful. the average HU is rocking a demo comet and stuck on the floor the whole time
  9. looks like we're gonna be on that hunter traiiiin. no more DM

  10. S>DF set 80 hit

    1. evilfate


      or DM set? pso kinda boring atm

  11. still selling DF set hue. your DTs mean nothing to meeeeeeeeeeeee

  12. When I first made the post it was in haste, the poll was added after thinking about it! Look on the first post, was a little editted, but yes the title is misleading
  13. S>DF set 80 hit pm me

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    2. evilfate


      i change my mind a lot :P since nobody bought them it gives me time to think about what i want. if i was talking deals ofc i wouldnt change my mind lol

    3. evilfate
    4. ryo68charles@gmail.com


      hellos you sell your DF for how DT?

  14. i found that after the patch the new launcher was loaded into the root folder of blue burst i then started using it and all of my worries went away

    1. HHawk4


      woa such trickery!

    2. evilfate
    3. evilfate


      not lying, my dank weps are the only thing that make me bounce back to my other acc >_> i know in my heart that im bored of HU and RA is OP

  16. s>dm set pm :>

    1. evilfate





      hundred souls

  17. S>DM set pm me

  18. being sad while thinking about wobble doesn't feel right. sneky snek. I'll find you some day.
  19. (づ♥‸♥)づ

  20. starlord is my love and my hero. all praise starlord

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    2. SelahIsASpot


      Wow a jerk(y) enters the fray

    3. ultrajerky


      im a-FRAYED im gonna have to delete you abortions

    4. HHawk4


      but im already aborted

  21. if ur gonna complain about prices please farm the item yourself or keep to yourself tysm

  22. S>80 hit DF set

    1. Starlord
    2. evilfate


      decided to stick with the DM set. if ultima ever gives hunters incentive to actually play with bomb weapons, ranger is gonna be the way to go

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