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  1. Yeah, so, after just trying some of the said quests, Wrath of Forest was pretty neat and wasn't too bad, was on normal diff tho, might be able to do it on Hard, and I made the unfortunate mistake of trying Towards the Future, solo, at level 38 ish. I had a shot type weapon so it was kinda fun with that, made it thru Forest and caves pretty easily, and then I hit mines..that room with the 20ish Garanz...took me ages to clear somehow, oh my god..and at the next wave of all those robots just shooting you with lasers were annoying, but, somehow got thru all that and took down vol-opt with my lockgun, all the same my controller I was using kept disconnecting randomly, I just had a rage fest..lol. so I wandered into the ruins, walked in the next room, and got swarmed with those claw guys, and said..nope, guess I'm done, and just ended the mission there..lol..it was good exp though
  2. I know I'm replying to my own post, but, it's funny how my first rare drop (other than some Bug Catching net from dark Fallz) was a Twin Psychoguns, which my RaCast was unable to equip...so, I created my redria RaMarl, she's only lvl 7 right now but, she'll get better, hopefully..
  3. Yeah, so I recently got back into playing Ultima (of what looks like about 4 years since my last post on here). Keep in mind I like playing solo/by myself cuz for some reason I'm nervous around other people or I just like being by myself, I made a RaCast a couple days ago, somehow managed to take down Dark Fallz (on normal tho..) and I'm currently level 35 ish. Right now I'm attempting Forest on Hard and it's really difficult for me, and the "best" weapon I have atm seems to be a lockgun +3, and as for armor I have the grand (lvl 33 set?) And a lvl 32 mag...I barely use traps, if at all, cuz I don't have them equipped. Anyways, should I be playing on some other level or difficulty or Normal mode or One-Person mode? And what online (Ultima) or offline quests should I play? Sorry for being all over the place, it just seems like I'm permanently stuck in Normal difficulty and it just gets so irritating that I can't get better..
  4. Thanks guys, I think I get it now, lol, i just was looking for that calculator that Armando put up. And idk why, but i like partisans, so i got a Bluefull ID for my HuCast. And the guy above, Fyrewolf5, what makes you say some IDs are the best and some are the worst? Don't they all have the same chance of getting their specific ID rares? Might make a ranger next (either RaCast or RaCaseal, but probably RaCast, cuz I love the raw and pure damage, also I dont like magic and getting poisoned that much, GO ROBOTS! ), so my next id's are gonna be either Greenill, Purplenum, or Viridia.
  5. When you create a new character, (btw im new here, hello!) and when u choose ur name, does the Section ID matter? I mean, like, Bluefull, Redria, Greenill..etc, how do you get the section ID you want? Is there some sort of Section ID calculator i can use to figure out which one im getting, or is it just a hit and miss type of thing? For Example, i heard Bluefulls find Partisan weapons better, Grenills find rifles better, Oran for daggers..and so fourth. (i'm looking at: http://www.ign.com/faqs/2003/phantasy-star-online-episode-i-ii-section-id-faq-391966 , btw). Is there a way to get the exact name i want, or should i just put any name i want? Thanks
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