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  1. Sell it to a rare item collector and/or GM for over 9000 PD's.
  2. How much for Smartlink and/or Kasami Bracer?
  3. Yesss... You've got some fantastic choices here, I almost forgot about all the X series too...maybe I should make one with the X series as well.... Megaman is a freakin' treasure trove of good music, and capcom in general have always had music on point. (Sega has too really, hell I watched the Sonic 3D Blast intro and even that had pretty bumpin' songs... ) Also LMFAO @ Guile's eyebrows, but yeah, guile's song does go with anything...
  4. I'm not requesting the ogg pack per se, but I'm curious whether there is an interest for this. I had previously made a pretty great ogg pack from the Rockman Collect Zero 1-4 remastered CD's, but have lost the original projects and the audio files from the CD's themselves. (I used a combination of audacity and winamp [lol] to play around with the different files and looping and got it sounding pretty seamless in comparison to the original. ) Since it will probably take some time for me to find all this stuff and go through the huge collection of songs for good PSO-fitting ones (4 games worth, plus a bunch of remastered and recut versions... O___O ) I'm a huge fan of MegaMan Zero, and all of the Mega Man games in general, so I will probably be doing this anyway, but I thought I'd ask around here and see if there is any interest in this pack from the community. (Obviously I'm a bit lazy about finding the files right now, but if I see even a few people have an interest I will track them suckers down and make the best Ogg pack I can in the spirit of goodwill. ) Also I am just the biggest MegaMan Zero fan you guys, seriously. *edit* Also I feel like I should point out I don't own any of the stuff I'm messing with, for posterity of course. That honor goes to Keiji Inafune, and a bunch of really talented folks at IntiCreates. (Possibly to Capcom as well, not sure how all that publishing and IP law stuff works )
  5. Price check on Blue Odoshi Thank you.
  6. Happy hour is up. http://www.phantasystaronline.net/forum/index.php/topic/22461-please-make-your-way-to-lobby-10-for-happy-hour-omgwtfbbq/ For reference lmfao. There was an event to go to lobby 10, and if it was filled up to capacity HH would commence.
  7. ^^^^^Topic yo. Also: GOGOGOGO. *Edit* Happy Hour achieved. I suppose this thread has served it's purpose now, and could probably be safely locked.
  8. Any way I could get those 3 H/minds? I've got the PD's ofc, and my FOmar needs something to learn techniques that are higher than level 10 lmfao.
  9. Can I get on those PC's bro? (I got a HUCast and I like doing BPD's with him, because I am a crazy person... :3 ) (TY for reading this, and the reasonable prices overall...) *edit changed PD's to PC's....lol*
  10. That is a pretty awesome cover. Also, thanks for the launcher. It will make my life a lot easier.
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