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  1. I'm unable to receive guild invite. Anyone know how to fix this?
  2. B> spread needle - pm stats and offer
  3. B> cent/battle & power mats
  4. hey welcome man! I just started playing a couple days ago but I used to play back in 2014 for a couple weeks. I hope you find it very chill here although Ultima is currently not as big as it used to be 10 years ago. I find it difficult to join rooms that were suitable for my level as I had created a new character and it seems like all of the active players are veterans so they are all doing their own thing with their own crew. But that's not a big deal to me as I am also just itching to play PSO and chill. Hope to see you in-game. Aside from PSO, I hope you bounce back and life will treat you better again soon.
  5. it’s more than a day fro me and I still havent received them 😕
  6. here's the weird part. Because the login for facebook didn't work, I've already created a new account, (this one), using the same email address I used to login with facebook. So resetting the password using the same email address only resets the password for this newly created one.
  7. how much for heaven striker?
  8. Hello, I'm unable to log into old account that was signup via Facebook back in 2014 since there seems to be something wrong with the facebook signup link. Is there anyway to link that old account to this one instead?
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