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  1. Internet. Serious business.
  2. Oh no, on the contrary, I quite enjoy that it bothers other people so much what I do with my own items and such. Please do continue.
  3. Oh, very much this. In said case, I knew full well what I was doing and intended to pay over what it was because I'm just lazy and wanted the item. lol Now I could get into why this bothers other people, but frankly it'd be treading into the e-psychology area and make me seem far more condescending than usual, but needless to say it shouldn't be relevant to anyone other than the person making the offer, so I agree with you there.
  4. Oh but I just love salt. <3
  5. Nah, I meant 80. Do have a few spare cent/battles, happy with either though.
  6. Precisely and you can always hunt it - I don't quite see the big deal. The rare stuff are the expensive stuff, people moan either about the drop-rates, or the fact that others donate/trade to get something instead of (whatever) they themselves like. As was said earlier, preferences, and thankfully we have the power of free will.
  7. When I first signed up (after I even figured out donations did something else other than help the server) - that's the first thing I did as well, for the same reason (since then I've traded and bought mags from other people). But when I first started with my FO (and this was my first time ever playing this game online despite playing it back on DC and especially GC), I just wanted a mag that gave a significant boost to mind. @ The rest of the topic.... I dunno, people play the game in all sorts of different ways - what some people find stupid, others find addictive. What others find to be "waste of money", some think of as "pocket change", whoever thought humans could differ so much? My my..... Humans really ain't that complicated, but as long as this site is growing (one would think) it's all good. I'll have one as well please. <3
  8. Well, I'll enjoy my dark weapons, no matter how I got 'em. All the more better if people are going to be this salty over it. <3
  9. Glad you're enjoying it. Hope you stick around. <3
  10. Cheers. I have a few rough ideas but I'll run it by a GM before I try it in the coming weeks. Can be locked then I guess.
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