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  1. Holiday Battle Tournament

    It was great fun, thanks to all of you who put the event on. Next time I'm coming in for the win lol
  2. Been playing kingdom hearts 3, I'll be back with you all soon

    1. Grimoire Greys

      Grimoire Greys

      Awesome game, I just watched a friend beat it on stream last night. It was worth the wait.

  3. Holiday Battle Tournament

    I got served, we did a best of 3, feebie is good. Seen some cool things so next time there's a battle I'll be better prepared
  4. Holiday Battle Tournament

    Was a great fight, never fought a cast before, that was fun Hope you feel better soon @Lucapy
  5. Holiday Battle Tournament

    Well played
  6. Holiday Battle Tournament

    @Arturoux waiting for you
  7. 10 Anniversary Ultima

    I appreciate you Lemon, I really do enjoy playing with you, same goes for all our GMs and others that play. Enjoy the game.
  8. I've got a good idea for a mini event, how about weapon merging? Take the weapon u are using let's say Blah blah 0/0/50/50 But you have another Blah blah 0/40/40/40 You can combine half the stats of the deleted item onto your other one So for say, 30/40 pds you can have a Blah blah 0/20/70/70 or Blah blah 0/40/65/65 Just throwing it out there for mini event ideas
  9. So with the holiday battle going on, alot of people have seen that wins and losses aren't recorded properly, especially the ones that sit above your head in lobby, was wondering if that was fixable? Or is it too far gone? Also the 1st 2nd 3rd and 4th places don't record properly. Unless it doesn't count certain rules?
  10. The ones I named are drops from summer event and triforce event, i believe @Kraven202 has a few of these items for sale, the bombchu is worth it especially for gal, it hits so you don't have to chase him down to try and land a single blow.
  11. Holiday Battle Tournament

    Oh yeah, definitely ready for this Count me in
  12. Definitely get a bombchu water gun is good for long range Crush cannon to heal yourself and deal multi target damage
  13. 10 Anniversary Ultima

    Awesome event! glad to be back and be part of this again, good luck hunters. Sweet banner too <3
  14. B> Godrics Cloak.       Hmu

    1. Noopy


      Hello! I can sell you Godric's Cloak [DEF: 4/EVP: 0] [Slots: 1] for 10pds

    2. duja1001


      Yea man sounds good 🤘

  15. Shinobi MC's Character Gallery

    Did you draw your avatar pic as well?