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  1. So are some of you, like, trying to come up with the most obscure artists or songs? Some of these are borderline avant-garde.. I just hope it's something pertaining to gaming, or at least the era. Except that cowboy bebop tune..that's alright..
  2. "At long last, I have ascended." grateful for inks..
  3. I for one would find solace in the fact that not one person/npc bothers you, all only speak unless spoken to. The sheer discipline to walk in place for days on end alone speaks volumes in of itself. The dedicated citizens of pioneer 2 are the pinnacle of humanoid civilization, easily governed by a man who has the sweet luxury of all progress made brought to his desk. As for facilities, I see plenty of rooms and structures I myself as a hunter haven't access to. To escape the world I'm currently in, filled with incessant labors and tasks thrown upon me, and have capability to decide
  4. So, I'm EST.. I'm all about finding good time that suits you British blokes.. Just lemme know times that're good for you, lads..
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