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  1. Looking for both. Hit not necessary. Let me know what you got
  2. Give you 20 pd for Banana Cannon 0/50/45/0
  3. Ive got about 180 in stock at the moment. 6:1
  4. Looking for one with at least 40hit. Have a Sword of Ultima 0/0/35/40, Hylian Shield and PDs to trade
  5. Welcome aboard! Everyone here is super friendly so I'm sure you won't have any trouble finding the fun you are looking to have. Happy hunting!
  6. B> Photon Booster

  7. Hello everyone in the Ultima Community. I feel as if I have spent too much time not utilizing party play enough. I thought I would create this team for anyone who is new, returning, or veteran players that are just looking to play with friendly people. As of now I'll be taking in anyone who thinks like it would be a good fit for them. I Will have a Discord set up for the team to commune some point in the near future. Looking forward to any and all future applicants. Happy hunting friends
  8. B> Proof of Sonic Team paying DTs

    1. Gh0st


      Someone trade this man a PoST!

    2. Master Debaytes

      Master Debaytes

      I have two, I can sell you one

  9. Only have DTs to trade with atm. PM
  10. B> Proof of Sonic Team. Paying DTs

  11. B> Proof of Sonic Team

    1. Moiy Sanchez

      Moiy Sanchez

      hi im selling and trade one you still interesed??

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