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  1. Are you online Rocket? I can grab Oberon (my Fomar) if you are.
  2. wufiei

    New Year Cards 2021

    Ooooooh, Nakas. OK then. Sorry.
  3. wufiei

    New Year Cards 2021

    Well as I said, I have 4. Do GMs not give out sranks?
  4. wufiei

    New Year Cards 2021

    So I wouldn't be able to get an s rank with my new years card? I have 4 right now.
  5. https://discord.gg/gSYMPMy Realized I could put a link to my discord server.
  6. Mine is wufiei. This is so we can use audio chat while playing.
  7. Yes I'm aware that Excaliber isn't a double saber. I was just asking if some could be added to the server that Fomars could use which brings me to the next point, I'm pretty sure that Fomars can't use BKB or Twin Brand (unless I missed something). I mainly want a decent one that Fomars can use.
  8. Is it possible to add new double saber type weapons that Fomars (and forces in general) can use? Right now I kinda feel like the only really good ones are Double Saber with hit (which isn't that powerful) and an Excaliber which is hard to get with hit.
  9. At the time of this posting the video is still uploading but here:
  10. Oh thanks man. I appreciate this.
  11. Ah, sorry. I don't know any websites that have it there. I'll keep an eye out though ok.
  12. Can someone make an ogg of the Skies of Arcadia boss music? thx in advance.
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