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  1. https://discord.gg/gSYMPMy Realized I could put a link to my discord server.
  2. Mine is wufiei. This is so we can use audio chat while playing.
  3. Yes I'm aware that Excaliber isn't a double saber. I was just asking if some could be added to the server that Fomars could use which brings me to the next point, I'm pretty sure that Fomars can't use BKB or Twin Brand (unless I missed something). I mainly want a decent one that Fomars can use.
  4. Is it possible to add new double saber type weapons that Fomars (and forces in general) can use? Right now I kinda feel like the only really good ones are Double Saber with hit (which isn't that powerful) and an Excaliber which is hard to get with hit.
  5. At the time of this posting the video is still uploading but here:
  6. Guild Card #: 42093921 Character Slot: 1 Name: Cute Bun Level: 170 Mats: I don't remember.
  7. This should show my lvl before the hack. Slot 1. Guild Card #: 42093921 I hope this problem gets solved soon.
  8. thx. I'll do that later I guess.
  9. I tried to log in just now and it says that both my accounts are banned. I don't have my guild card number though. Sorry. Didn't expect to be banned. Can you check my ip address since it seems like an IP ban? I'd really appreciate it. I enjoy playing on this server and would enjoy being able to continue to do so.
  10. Sorry for putting this here but I can't seem to create a topic and this is kind of important. It seems that I've been IP banned from the Ultima server and I don't know why. Can't access my guild card atm since I can't log in. IDK if this has anything to do with the hack yesterday. Can one of the GMs help me with this? It'd be much appreciated.
  11. Oh okay so I should just do it in Ultimate then huh? Thanks for the help.
  12. Does difficulty determine which rare you get like in the first one (Shouren can only be found under Ultimate Dorphon Route for example). Or can I take a character into normal, beat it, and perhaps get a Gratia (which is what I'm interested in). Thx in advance. P.S. I may just hunt one with my skyly but they get it from very hard Girtablulu. I do know a quest that can find quite a few Girts but it's not exactly easy.
  13. Well I know that now. lol Yeah, I did not know he was timed before. I was so mad afterward too lol.
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