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  1. Taking a break from PSO, hope everyone's having fun. ^.^

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. Trigunman


      Enjoy reality buddy, but you'll be back to escape it again soon enough. XD We'll be waiting...

    3. King Ra

      King Ra

      Hope to see you soon

    4. RinRin


      Thanks guys, i put a link to my facebook if you need to get in touch, and i'll check here periodically too.

  2. Happy birthday Pulse!

  3. The event still starting soon (within a few hours?)
  4. Just bought 99 grinders from the store..
  5. Haha ... maybe No i just started using high detail mode and all the gol dragon screens loook like that. It's like I'm playing a hwole new game when i crank up the details xD
  6. I title this screenshot.. Inception at Gol Dragon
  7. Thanks for the teaser, I'll start gearing to hunt these bad boys tonight
  8. Hopefully you do come back! Hit me up whenever!
  9. Take off every item and then type /killcount with only your lame on. Some items interfere with /killcount and will give you the -31k message. Hope this helps.
  10. Welcome to the server man, hope you have a good time here!
  11. Next time I'm online I'll look for you. For now you'll want to reduce your settings, try linking directly via Ethernet cord to your router/modem, and run PSO by itself in full-screen mode.
  12. Ultimate at low levels is just about control. They set people in an environment where the monsters actually move faster than us so we can no longer "hit and run". Just start using arrest and freeze special weapons and you'll be okay. For bosses.. yeah you need new weapons...
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