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    Grim hucast lvl 200 (Redria) , Genesis humar lvl 200 (oran), Grimjow hucast lvl 200 (skyly) ,Grimjow humar 200 (purplenum) ,Grimjow - hucast 200 (whitill) , Grimlock. hucast lvl 200 (oran) , Odin Humar lvl 138 (Bluefull), Carnage lvl 200 Hucast, halibel lvl 110 (greenill), Genesis lvl 200(greenill), Reaper lvl 200 (Viridia) Grim lvl 200(Whitill), Reaper - lvl 200(Purplenum) Grimm lvl 189(skyly), Hallibel- lvl 118(redria)
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  1. muajajja ya regreso mi perfil muajajajaja


    1. JL3


      jeje que bueno compare :D

  2. the makin of an item like v101 but with the speed of cent/battle think the same stats on v101 just the extra speed
  3. saludos.

  4. Show your screenshots

    yeah my first rainov
  5. cree una hundred soul y cuando la puse en el banco comun para cambiar de char se volvio una exca aqui estan las fotos del antes y despues Gracias por la atencion
  6. rollback didn´t work

    so protoss told that the rollback to get back my weapons and i friends sonic team armor didn't work and that they need to create them i had a DM 100 0 0 100 50 Trade from JL Psycho raven 0 0 0 90 60 Yasminkov 9000m (demon) 50 hit asteron Striker bought Kajex Zalure Jcutter trade from 3 naka card's to kajex Ultima reaper 70 hit Trade from JL and s rank needle (hell) trade with Wayne Sonic team armor 4 slots Red ring Maxxed v502 cent abblity x2 cent battle last year hunt soniti 5 145 50 0 GC:42113656 SLOT: 3 CHAR: Grim Thank you for Everything
  7. bug otra vez ¬¬

    gracias protoss
  8. STA disappeared

    por eso puse el link del otro que habia hecho ahi esta todo
  9. STA disappeared

    I been waitin for this rollback since 4 months hago more or less sorry too bug this much this is the link to the rollback request: http://www.phantasystaronline.net/forum/index.php?/topic/12130-bug-otra-vez-zz/
  10. Pero q raro bug

    habia un archivo que chuk hizo para arreglar ese problema solo que no se donde quedo
  11. bug otra vez ¬¬

    algo de mi rollback????
  12. Hello everyone~ (≧ω≦)