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    New Suggestion - Lead Admin role. Someone basically just under Larva who can do all the owner stuff without actually being the owner. They can sort stuff like events, mini-events, new items, hiring new mods, etc. This would mean the server could continue to improve without every decision being run by Larva. This would need to be someone trustworthy and active, and my vote would be @R-78
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    How would a buff on Arrest Needle make it more balanced between ranger classes? A rifle range would even make it worse as it would mostly benefit Racast and Racaseal because of their paralysis native boost... Ramarl can support so she can be really useful to a team that has no force, and is also really strong solo as she can buff herself. Ramar has the best ATA, especially powerful for using Demon in Tower for instance. I agree Ultima is not well balanced: to me the class that require love the most is Humar, although many people would disagree with me and say Hunewearl is worse, but Rangers are definitely strong enough. But what do users want? As you can see, most people here disagree with that AN suggestion. It is basically making it a DM with higher speed but reduced ATP and no special. I personally think this could have been achieved last year if Ultima Bringer and Arrest Faust were better than they are. Or if Ten Years Blade was actually a drop from Anniversary item. That might make some drama though as some people could get really frustrated farming and not finding such item in the event given time. (like it happens with PGF) That is not going to happen, many people I know have tried PSO2 and most of them came back to PSOBB. PSO2 and PSOBB are totally different, so may PSOBB live forever! Your suggestion is quite foolish while those other recent ideas actually make sense. I believe that was a joke. I don't mind adding "good" items for Ultima though as far as they are not broken or replace any other already existing item. Bomb-chu is a pretty good example for it. Last month I tried to put this into my member title but it didn't fit xD << Shiida of the House Blue Burst, the First of Her Name, The Unburnt, Queen of the Pioneers, the Machines and the First Hunters, Queen of Ultima, Khaleesi of Gal Da Val, Protector of the Server, Lady Regnant of the Fifteen Lobbies, Breaker of Epsilons and Mother of Gol Dragons. >> Why not I'd say. If Larva wants, that is. But I need you to change the drop tables for it, I can't do that xD Anyways this is gonna wait because we should start Summer Event soon. Since you're here, I'm asking again, could I reopen the Momoka shop some day? ^^ I may be busy sometimes but I definitely have some spare time for our community, I am working on a new (and my last) quest by the way (gonna take me long).
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    Okay but, why? Why are ideas that will bring life to the server being vetoed when the community is small enough as it is? I seriously doubt it's because it'd be "too OP", because - newsflash - there are already a shitton of things in the game that are OP. And I'm going to add (because I have precisely one drum and I'm going to bang it) that I'm still pissed that my L&K idea posted a few pages back has basically been dropped because one person thinks it's overpowered. As if a HUcast can't dismantle an Epsilon in seconds anyway, as if the 80 hit demon weapons aren't going to kill it as soon as its opens it's shields. Having new items and old events (and hell, new events) is only going to help fight the stagnation that the server seems to be slipping into. Here's my suggestion to improve the server - get a few people together who can make events and want to add things to the game, and let them make stuff more interesting.
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    All hail the Queen of Ultima, Respecc-78! First of her name. Protector of the server. Breaker of chains. Long may she reign! uwu
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    I personally like the idea of event-only end game items. It creates some exclusivity and makes me excited to play whenever an event drops. Of course it's probably way easier for me to say that since I got two PGFs last Christmas event lol On the subject of making another top tier item, I don't think every single item that comes out from now on should be the new meta. Besides didn't we just get Ten Years Blade? That thing is strong as hecc. I'm not even going to entertain the idea of Rangers being underpowered for obvious reasons others have already stated. PS: More communication from the server admin would be lovely <3 [/edit]
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    Normal Belra skin when @Larva
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    My vote goes to R-78 as well, she is the most acive staff member by far since I have been here (2 years~).
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    For the future status updates, please no more than one per person at a time. If you want to add something else, just add it to your previous status if it is still visible. Thanks
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    I'm not sure if this is a proper subject for this kind of topic but I didn't feel like making a topic just for that. I noticed it's been a long time we don't see any of the usual mini-events. Last one happened on December, the Holiday Battle Tournament. We also had the 20th April Day, but that's not exactly a mini-event. We also had the one I hosted on Valentine's Day, but we all know that event was meant for only a small portion of player base who wanted a challenge. By this time of the year we would have had the following mini-events: - Serverus Mini Event (to add special to weapons) - Momoka's Shop Mini Event (to redeem Item Tickets that dropped from Easter Eggs) - Another Mini-Event that was hmmm... cancelled/postponed? (I know about it since it has been discussed on #moderation of Ultima's Official Discord) None of them happened so far. Summer is near, and judging from what we already saw, we are not even sure if the meme mini-event that happens annually will happen. Here is a list of some events we don't see since a quite good time: - Hit Event (was it replaced by New Year Cards??, last one was on December 2017) - Lottery (replaced by New Year Cards, happened on February 2018) - Custom Mag Mini Event (last one happened on June 2017) - S-Ranks with Charge Special So I would like to suggest to bring back some of those mini-events, and also, I'd like to suggest some new kinds of mini-event: - An event where you can increase Hit percentage on some selected weapons above the 80% for a limited amount of time. - An event where you can max the DFP and EVP on Armors/Shields, like Wedding Dress, Red Ring, Virus Armor: Lafuteria, Neutron Skin and so on - A very special/unique mini event where the prize is a custom weapon of winners choice, must be something hard to accomplish. This is just an attempt to keep the server active and to give more variety of events other than the seasonal ones that always happen in the same way, every year.
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    That'd be unlocked Snow Queen levels of broken. No, please do not give Arrest Needle rifle range.
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    I appreciate your willingness to help but I think there's a few people more suited to help. Also, level doesn't have much bearing here. I've seen level 200s output way less damage than someone level 100. It's all about gear, my dude.
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    It will be Halloween again by the time Larva reads this post
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    Um jizai with high hit is a dope choice for cca hunter.
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    Slicer is a very valid option for hunter. 80 hit SJS is pointless when Ultima Reaper has more range and ATA, I'd only suggest it to people who have a bit more gear. Anyway, Arrest is really only helpful in Ep4. Charge Vulcans are also good when things are frozen if you don't have Psycho Ravens. Jizai is still pretty powerful, so it can't hurt to carry those, although 10 year blades with special are better. Master Sword, Crimson Sword, Sil Dragon Slayer, and TJS are all decent dps options for sword that aren't too expensive. although for CCA I don't find myself using a sword too much. You mainly want good mechs and a high hit hell weapon. Pyscho Ravens are what you obviously want but they are a bit expensive with stats. Hell Raygun, Hell Suppressed Gun, Hell Water Gun, and Asteron Striker are all decent choices but I'd personal go with Asteron Striker because it's cheaper and has more ATA than the other choices IIRC, plus the auto-aim is pretty nice for Gees and stuff you might find in CCA.
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    Duja, this is probably the only specials available for Serverus to add to weapons: Serverus, what other weapons besides the Yasminkov series are you able to add specials to? I know there are quite a few other weapons that do not have specials, like the DB sabers and Flowen's Sword copies.
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    Just to preface that none of this is aimed at insulting you Larva, I know you put a lot of effort into the game and Ultima wouldn't be here without you. I've been in a few communities before where the owner has, for whatever reason, become more inactive than they used to. In some cases, the owner has appointed someone to basically oversee all the normal runnings of it because nobody can play a game for years and not get burnt out on it. Most of the reason I brought up the Lead Admin idea was because of a suggestion I put in a while back (which I felt was reasonable if it was balanced properly - I offered to help with the balancing) which gained a bit of traction, but was ultimately ignored, and further up this thread where R-78 said she hadn't gotten responses to some event ideas she'd suggested. It's more of a suggestion to help the server run smoothly - give the lead admin powers to change all the game stuff, and to hire some mods to assist in all of this. Some of the more dedicated players could definitely help out, seeing as some of the staff disappear for months at a time.
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    what's up with the votes lol. I been absent i know. I read time to time the comments in this topic, even the ones that aren't constructive at all >.> . And we do take in to consideration the users input. But suggestions is for us to see and take what we think is good. The all year round of the PGF wont happen any time soon and no it's not about the donations if that would be the case i can just add the PGF to the list of DTS. And im not the only one who take decisions here. GM's came up with the mini events, they just tell me their ideas and 99% of the times i say go a head. The true is that we don't have staff members who have the time to run mini-event every time. R78 is been trying to host a mini event since i don't remember when but she is been busy with other stuff. I'm sure she will do it when she has the time. Is the same for the rest of the staff, since is their time we can't force them or rush them in to trow a mini-event. About new items, tbh we been talking (staff members) about new items and we have get in the same point, OP weapons are out of the table for some time. We try to get some mid items and collectibles because we do believe we realized too many OP ones in the past, that's the reason we haven't make more of this.
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    PSO2 has been accessible for years. This will not be the end of Ultima or psobb. Not a reason to make it so everyone in the game is DM spamming space lizards in the face.
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    Only casts can use IF and PF. But even then human rangers have a lot of great weapons at their disposal, Psycho Ravens and MF for instance. AN is pretty great already too , and many more . Rangers have it the easiest in this game man . All the best weapons are ranger weapons and are easiest to kill the game with .
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    well next week end ill be hosting this event hope u guys are ready for this Xd
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    Is it just me or is Ultima getting a lot more depressing? What's with all these super emotional or personal post? I think it's about time we promote a Therapist as a mod :"L
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    Don't confuse my personality with my attitude....My personality is who i am, my attitude depends on who you are...
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    Evasion is OP. you can't hit what you can't see.
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    Wonder who. For most classes people usually max three stats first: ATP, ATA and LCK.
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    Requested to make 3 different mini events in the past few months (including Momoka shop) but none of them got an approval.
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    One day you'll look back and realize that you worried too much about things that don't really matter...
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    Blizzard water gun isn’t recommended since you’re using Humar. Casts are the only ones that get a Blizzard ratio boost and water gun has bad accuracy . Central Control Area enemies have high evp so it wouldn’t work well . Also I do recommend jizai , I use one myself and it’s pretty great , good accuracy , good power , 6 hits per combo. It’s hell seems pretty decent from my experience. All those other weapons they mentioned above are great besides water gun for your class .
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    Slicers could get you in trouble in CCA soloing as a hunter, because with each attack you move towards the enemies a bit. Instead of an Arrest weapon it's good to keep enemies still with high Damage weapons due to the knock-back effect. However, Crimson Sword with hit is super effective for an Arrest Weapon, and it hits a lot of targets. Blizzard Watergun with hit for Freezing enemies is legit as mentioned by nnorton44. Since you want to increase your effectiveness in Central Control Area I suggest adding hit to these weapons: Psycho Raven, Infernal Girasole, or using a dagger with high damage per second for the Monkeys, and Robots you can't Hell. For a Hell gun I suggest Suppressed Gun over Asteron Striker, because Asteron Striker sometimes targets the wrong enemy when you want to shoot straight across. Jizai is risky to use when soloing, so I don't recommend it, and Yamigarisu might be reduced hell, but don't quote me about that. For an unreduced sword a 80 hit Sealed J Sword would be dope. I've actually wanted one of those for awhile just to have. SJS is risky too though since you're looking to increase your success rate at soloing. I'd go with a hell gun like Asteron Striker if you wanna take advantage of auto-aim hell special. Good luck, and have fun.
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    Honestly, with PSO2 looming on the horizon, there's never been a better time to make the broken gear much more publicly available. I wouldn't ask it to be a 1/100 PGF drop rate, but still, we've got less than a year before almost everything we've done here goes in a history book. I'd say going out with a bang beats dwindling to nothing because of waiting on a single event to come and go.
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    an idea to improve the server , make another top tier item like cent/battle , Dark weapons, STA and Red Ring . Something that’s really hard to farm like STA is during an event but worthy. It’s been ages since something of this caliber was made .
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    I wouldn’t call last couple of custom items trash, sure they are not DM or DF caliber but if you’re smart about it and know how to use them you’ll be ok. Water gun is more useful than people think, kod and boomerang have saved people the time of going through challenge mode to get their sranks. Triforce event items are super good, Millie Faucilles is super OP. And if you’re referring to the weed shields are trash items, that was a troll event and was heavily advertised as such. Don’t get me wrong, I get your point at listening to the community but at the end of the day will be these peoples time that they are doing it for free and all we do is bash them. They have to test the item, they have to set the stats and special so it’s not mega game breaking. We can’t just expect to throw ideas out there and means it’s gonna work. Sure you can say “other servers have done it why can’t we?”. I know I troll a lot too but if an idea gets shot down don’t get discourage, either try again or come up with another idea. I’m sure one day your emewn guard will be a thing.
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    Pointless status
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    Sometimes having a big heart sucks, because you expect everyone to care as much as you and they don't...
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    Happy Babe day you fukin babe
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    Solved. Henrique had "Test server" enabled in Launcher options.
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    Geeez c'mon, what did the big bad mean keyboard ever do to you? Heh, seriously though, breaking it's functionality wasn't necessary... My Logitech F310 has keymapping within it's own software/driver suite. There is more than one way to skin a cat as they say. Bottom line, your keyboard in PSOBB is now completely borked you say? You've tried trying to find any and all PSOBB .ini files, anything related to the keyboard binds? Alright... Well as far as I can guess, there is one last place you probably haven't tried on your hard drive but this one will be the most difficult and tricky to try to rectify. Your Windows Registry file. My educated guess is to try to find any and all Sega/PSOBB/Phantasy Star Online Blue Burst registry entry references and delete them completely out of the registry, (REGEDIT.EXE) hopefully one of them is tied to your forced keyboard binds. Then try to completely reinstall the game with the original Ultima PSOBB installer .exe file. Again, this is quite risky, one wrong registry entry deletion can possibly seriously screw up your Windows install or another installed program. However, you've exhausted all other avenues of solving your problem, this is a last-ditch solution so tread carefully Foxen. Hope this helps, good luck, you're gonna need it.
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    Please write me an informative essay of why I should give you these 101 dts for no fu***ng reason.
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    You are talking about these http://www.pso-world.com/sections.php?op=viewarticle&artid=452 http://www.pso-world.com/sections.php?op=viewarticle&artid=306 I'm not sure if PSOBB use the same rates, or if Ultima changed them though
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    Just an idea, but having ep4 pioneer ship look different than ep1 pioneer would be awesome. You could even hold a vote for potential colors/appearances. Maybe more rundown or even an entirely different color. I think it should add to the ep4 feel. Dunno if it's possible server wide but I think it would be awesome
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    Can we start a bruh chain
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