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  1. Larva; you, @Fyrewolf5, me ttf?;p

  2. prepares self for no living STA

  3. It says today's your birthday owo I know you won't be on probably but Happy Birthday ^~^

  4. I turn 21 right and no money to buy the booze Dx

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    2. Misombre


      Now this looks like a proper day !

      I just didn't understand the "princess bride" thing... did a princess got married while you were donating ? Do princesses even exist ? What have I done with my life so far ?

    3. griffeni


      oh uh  well in order

      1 technically no a pirate stopped the wedding

      2 yes technically they still do

      3 alot of things that make you awesome


      but the princess bride is a movie and a good one at that

    4. CCastles93


      That's why you have someone else buy it for you :P or find a bar or bar hop to places where they give you a free drink or shot if it's your birthday so you don't spend a dime.


  6. Happy birthday zowwwww!!!!!!!!

  7. Yoooooooo how's my mag coming along?

    1. thelionorion


      idk how IS your mag coming along?

    2. Sir Rendlan

      Sir Rendlan

      Your the one making it .-. Lol that agastya 

  8. newbbbbbbbbbbbbb :3

    1. thelionorion


      /ban>rendlan @GMs make this happen



  9. Finally you change that ridiculous picture hahaha now time to change your pages banner!:)

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    2. lildavid07


      Is that better??

    3. Sir Rendlan
    4. Sir Rendlan

      Sir Rendlan

      I no longer feel like I have taken 20 hits of acid when I see your profiles banner hahahhaha

  10. I AM THE COBRA COMMANDER!!! AND I NEED COOKIES!!! Will someone please get me some?:3


  11. Kajex, what would you do for a klondike bar? :D

  12. I got a migraine.... Ughhh............... sucks .-.

    1. HHawk4


      I feel you man.. Hope it gets better!

  13. Anyone got any good ideas for how to decide on what to go to college for?

    1. anthonyplays


      find what you are passionate about, and make a career out of it

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