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    You probably have an incorrect depth buffer setting in the global pre-processor settings. Check and make sure: RESHADE_DEPTH_LINEARIZATION_FAR_PLANE = 1000 RESHADE_DEPTH_INPUT_IS_UPSIDE_DOWN = 0 RESHADE_DEPTH_INPUT_IS_REVERSED = 0 RESHADE_DEPTH_INPUT_IS_LOGARITHMIC = 0 Also, I just wanna show off some screenshots of the new preset I'm working on. I updated to the latest version of reshade (should be an easier install process) and am making use of some new shaders, one of which is an alpha release for "ray traced" global illumination (only in screen space though, so keep expectations tempered). I've tweaked colors and bloom as well, I think it's turning out quite good. That said, I can't upload that shader and preset because the global illumination shader isn't public yet. Once it is, I'll make sure to post it here! If you guys want an updated version of the mod minus the GI shader though, lemme know and I'll upload that. 2.0.1 "Pretty" preset: New work in progress:
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    Since the event is ending today, when is the Mokoka's Shop Mini-Event (where you redeem Item Tickets) happening?
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    Some PSOBB fanarts. No more Sweetie Boometta : Evolveon : Mechazora, ten years ago : Evolver & Impah (+18 content : Explicit Machines)
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    I have been playing the mission simulator 2.0 many times And in the last stage, only drops mesetas of all mobs,all bringers only drops meseta,Long ago I played that mission and before the mobs if they dropped items,but now in the last stage, which is where many bringers come only mesetas drop,We tried that quest many times and we already concluded that it is a bug Can they fix it? Thanks in advance...I will leave you a photo
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    Well here I am again to say I lost many items .... He was spending 3 items which were P-raven, battle cent and gael giel, when out of nowhere gave me when I returned .... DC appeared only those 3 items .... kick the p-raven, the C -battle and the gael giel .... Kajex told me to put my guild card and time this has happened .here ... my guild card is 42111149 ...... and time this happened was at 15:52 GMT from Dominican republic.... here is my Guild card... The Items lost... DM, 5 dark 50 hit Asteron striker snoww queen 15 hit ultima reaper Red Ring From the dephts cent ability x3 V502 all that was left were the 3 items I had taken from the bank before it happened the DC please i want my items back U.U the necesitos D: u.u
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