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  1. Alright I updated the main post with the latest version of ReShade and 2 brand new presets. The old post is still available in spoiler tags just in case anybody prefers the old stuff and needs the info.
  2. Got a few more screenshots. Hopefully this shader releases free to the public soon.
  3. You probably have an incorrect depth buffer setting in the global pre-processor settings. Check and make sure: RESHADE_DEPTH_LINEARIZATION_FAR_PLANE = 1000 RESHADE_DEPTH_INPUT_IS_UPSIDE_DOWN = 0 RESHADE_DEPTH_INPUT_IS_REVERSED = 0 RESHADE_DEPTH_INPUT_IS_LOGARITHMIC = 0 Also, I just wanna show off some screenshots of the new preset I'm working on. I updated to the latest version of reshade (should be an easier install process) and am making use of some new shaders, one of which is an alpha release for "ray traced" global illumination (only in screen space though, so keep expectations tempered). I've tweaked colors and bloom as well, I think it's turning out quite good. That said, I can't upload that shader and preset because the global illumination shader isn't public yet. Once it is, I'll make sure to post it here! If you guys want an updated version of the mod minus the GI shader though, lemme know and I'll upload that. 2.0.1 "Pretty" preset: New work in progress:
  4. I "finalized" the preset and reduced the contrast. It's in the OP. I took it in a slightly different direction, what I was doing only looked good in a few areas.
  5. So I was playing around with ReShade and made a new preset while going for something "cinematic" and dumb. Lens flare, film grain, depth of field, some very muted tonemapping (a primarily teal look to capture a sci fi feel), chromatic aberration, etc. It's basically unplayable because of what it does to the UI and, like I said, it's really dumb, but here are some screenshots. If anybody wants me to package it and post it, let me know, but I'm not anticipating any demand for it. Still though, it looks kinda neat, so maybe somebody wants it for screenshots or something. It wouldn't involve uninstalling the other preset, it would be easily swappable in-game. Screenshot 1 Screenshot 2
  6. Zipped the source up and uploaded it: https://mega.nz/#!W5JyAC4J!JrUVrhfyD90zOT8YaA8saoS60ls6sURkcw8apgZWvV0
  7. I didn't fork it, I just cloned it. The only change I made was commenting out a couple lines of code, nothing was added.
  8. No problem, hope you can figure out what's causing your issue. You should still make one if you aren't happy with mine, more choices are good! I set out to make something different from the first one and it turned out more or less the same lol.
  9. I've got it working for the client on that server as well. Just so you know why it is the way it is, for PSOBB you need d3d8.dll and d3d9.dll. ReShade doesn't support dx8, which is what PSO uses. However, there's a dx8 to dx9 converter (the d3d8.dll) that will allow reshade to work. d3d9.dll is ReShade itself. In the zip file I uploaded, all the files needed are included. There's some extra steps involved in getting my version working compared to the normal ReShade 3.0+ installer, so if you glossed over it due to familiarity, try reading the steps again. I went through the installation steps I laid out on a fresh install on PSOBB to make sure I didn't miss anything, so I'm not sure what else the problem could be.
  10. Okay so for some reason the developer of ReShade decided he wanted to force everyone to use 3.0. That's annoying. Oh well, I included the DLL in the presets now (and moved them to mega). The only reason I didn't include them before was because he asked people not to do it. Fairly annoying that he did that. Anyway, the guide is updated to reflect the changes. Let me know if anything goes wrong.
  11. I think that bloom shader is based on a Gaussian function, so you aren't wrong lol. The bloom shouldn't be hurting performance, it isn't an intensive effect. If anything, it's ambient occlusion or RBM.
  12. Odds are it's the ambient occlusion causing the issue. These aren't optimized effects, they are written in a way to work with any game that reshade can get the necessary information for. Next time it happens, try toggling off just ambient occlusion (caps lock). As stated before, I'm using a gtx 1070, performance anomalies will probably go unnoticed by me since they won't affect me at all in this game. If it didn't change, you may have done something wrong. I just double checked and I uploaded the correct file. You put it in the ReShade folder in your PSO directory and told it to overwrite the file, correct? If you do see a difference and it didn't fix the problem, could you take a screenshot showing a specific area? I used a filter that literally reduced the teal-ish color lol. It's also possible that you are referring to the bloom shader I used. Just to be sure, go into the GemFX.cfg file and try disabling USE_BLOOM. Note that you CAN make these changes while playing the game.
  13. Okay. If you still have issues, the RBM setting is a major performance hog, probably more than the ambient occlusion. SMAA is a small hit, but you don't miss out on much at all by disabling it.
  14. You can also try going into the McFX.cfg file in notepad and disabling RBM (change "USE_RBM 1" to "USE_RBM 0"), as well as going into SweetFX.cfg and disabling SMAA (same instructions, just with SMAA). That'll disable reflections and anti aliasing. Any other shaders will require me to rework the entire tone of the mod
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